Stray Hope

“I feel for her,” Emmanuel said sadly. Bode, one of the participants, had just ended his round in the 60 seconds of fame. 

“Me too,” Perfect agreed beside him. She too was as sad as Emmanuel and it seems like everyone of them shared the same emotion that very moment. They are all eager to know what the final points hold, hoping it doesn’t lead to another tiebreak.

“What do you think, Perfect?” Emmanuel asked, not looking away from Ayo.

“I believe she will score higher than that boy.” She pointed towards Bode, who wore a comfortable smile on his face as the quizmaster queried him.

“I want to believe so too,” Emmanuel said, now staring at Perfect in the eyes. “But could she score more than Anu?”

Perfect sighed and buried her face in her palms. She looked back at Emmanuel with inquisitive eyes. “Are you implying the boy and Ayo are likely to have a tiebreak?”

“Something like that,” Emmanuel said. “Or Anu and the boy are on the same point, with A

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