I Remember

Back at home, on Monday evening following the first preliminary stage of the Mathematics Olympiad, Bukky was watching the video clip on television, because she wasn’t present to watch it live as events unfold. Ayo on the other hand was getting herself prepared for the semifinals, which obviously wouldn’t come until all preliminaries had been done.

“Hey, Ayo!” Bukky, well relaxed on the comfortable two-seater couch, called out. “Did you notice how that girl kept looking at you?” She asked without turning to look at Ayo, instead she was focused on the television and pointing at it with the remote control on her hand.

“Which girl?” Ayo asked curiously. She was seated in the study section, adjacent to where Bukky sat. It had just a chair and a table, which contained various study materials stacked neatly upon one another. She looked up from the tablet she was holding while she disconnected the wireless headset from her earhole.

“The one in blue striped uniform.”

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