“Ayo,” Bukky who was leaning on the window frame of Ayo’s classroom, called. It was lunch break and every other student seemed to be out of their classroom if not in the dining hall.

“Yes, what is it?” Ayo responded. A mouthful of rice in her mouth. She wasn’t one who leaves her class much, not when the semi finals are around the corner.

“When you are done. Can you come downstairs to our class?”

“Why not come and join me?” Ayo offered. “And whatever you want to tell me, you will say it.”

“Thank you. I just finished eating,” she declined. “I want you to come and see Promise.”

“Promise?” she hurriedly covered her food flask. “Let’s go now.” She wiped off food particles on her lips and ran out of the class to join Bukky.

“Ayo, did you see the letter I left you on Saturday?” Bukky asked as they walked down the

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