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The week after the competition, Examination started in earnest in Nightingale Academy. The students, all of whom have much prepared in one way or the other, weren’t so pleased when the day finally knocked at the door. Students could be seen fidgeting at the entrance of the hall, while others walked gallantly as if they knew what were in the questions.

To avoid malpractices of any such, the students were divided in two separate large halls. Each hall, large enough to take more than half of the students at a go, is equipped with a total of 300 chairs and tables. Each seat is far apart from the other. This way, it’s usually very hard for a student to spy another student’s work. Aside from the spacing, students from the same class are usually seated 2 to 4 seats apart from each other. All in the vein to cut malpractice to its barest minimum. Also, in each of the halls, at least there are 5 to 6 teachers present to supervise them, accompanied with a chief invigil

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