A Chinese Novel's Heroine
A Chinese Novel's Heroine
Author: Aine_17
Chapter 1 The Departure

Spain, Madrid

" Dad, We are already so rich so why should I marry a man you designated" asked Valeria

Her father was quite amused with her daughter's guts and scoffed at her " then tell me the name of the man you want to marry".

Valeria was left speechless at her father's statement but could not disagree because her father was right.

She was afraid of falling in love because of high divorce rates and also because she was born with a natural poker face like her Chinese mother so she had trouble in communicating with people because of which she developed a very timid personality, the only people who she fully express herself in front of were her parents and her most trusted people.

She was thinking about how to deal with this matter when an idea struck her.

" I am leaving home" announced Valeria. Her dad was not surprised because his daughter had indeed taken after him so he asked her about where she wanted to go. She replied, "China, to aunt Su , if you can find a capable woman like mom in China then I can also find a man like mom."

Her father was very surprised by her reasoning and thought it was logical but he instantly rebutted "Spain does not lack males" " I know it doesn't, but after watching mom I have developed an obsession towards Chinese men".

" They might be like mom too plus the Ortego family does not lack Money nor power so you shouldn't mind the status of that man too, right" explained and questioned Valeria.

Her father's expression darkened upon listening to the word of status however he recovered and allowed her to leave " but I will not give you a penny other than the plane tickets and you will not reveal your identity do you understand that? " Her father warned.

Valeria shrugged "Okay, I don't find any problems with that plus I already have the mafia at my back so nobody can me touch me anyways" voiced Valeria. After listening to her opinions he was relieved and agreed to her request.

After Valeria left the study her father made some calls.

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