Lucifer's Angel
Lucifer's Angel
Author: Snowmonn

It was a peaceful night. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. A silver beam of moonlight walked toward the windows of the mansion, revealing a huge number of servants busy clamoring with each other.

It was an old country mansion that had been extended over centuries. It now had six sides around a central quadrangle and over seven hundred rooms. The walls were white stones that glistened in the moon and the roof was dark grey slate. It was as big as twenty of the ordinary houses of the town. The mansion was high upon the hill over-looking the town, its many pointed towers gave it the look of an eccentric crown.

‘Young master Lucifer will arrive at exactly 8:00 pm’ the voice coming from the intercom echoed through the whole mansion.

“What?” asked the maid who’s busy chitchatting about her boyfriend with another maid.

“Young master Lucifer is coming home tonight!” said the other one.

“The Evil Prince is coming back?!”

“Could you just stop blabbering there and start doing your duties if you don’t want to get scolded by the Young master?!’ an old housemaid halted the unnecessary conversations of the other maids.

The servants came running around the whole mansion. Checking every corner and quickly eradicating things that might cause trouble upon the arrival of their Young Master.

Dread and frustration can be seen on their faces. It seems like their happy days were gone and the most hateful creature is about to invade their peace.

‘Young master Lucifer has arrived’

Upon hearing the voice coming from the intercom, the maids and butlers lined up in front of the mansion’s main door and bowed their heads.

A black limousine parked in front of the mansion. One of the butlers opened the car door and a young man wearing a black tuxedo stepped outside. His curly black hair almost covered his ocean blue eyes. His tuxedo fits perfectly with his built body and masculine long legs as he walks towards the mansion’s main door.

“Welcome Home, Young Master Lucifer.” The servants all greeted in chorus when the young man entered the mansion.

Ignoring the greetings, the young man continued marching down the aisle without any emotions on his face. The only sound that can be heard is his footsteps and the gusting wind from the outside.

All of the servants remained still while bowing their heads as if they’re inside a library wherein no one is allowed to speak.


The sound of the man’s footsteps was gone. The only sound that can be heard is the loud cry of a poor kitten looking for its mother—having no idea that he’s blocking the way where the young man is headed to.

“Whose cat is this?”  the man asked.

None of the housemaids answered his question. Instead, they just lowered their heads even more.

The young man clenched his jaw. “I said, who the fuck is the owner of this shabby damn cat?! Dare not to answer my question and I’ll fucking fire all of you!” he shouted.

It’s now obvious from the tone of his deep voice that he is now raging with anger. But still, none of them responded.

They know how cruel the man is when getting angry. Well, that’s why they call him the Evil Prince.

“Y-Young Master.. I-I’m the o-owner of t-the cat..” one of the maids finally confessed.

Her hands are shaking and tears are cascading down her face.

The young man then shifted his gaze towards the maid.

“How dare you bring an ugly cat inside my house! You’re FIREDDD!” he shouted with a very loud voice.

The poor maid knelt down while looking at the man. “Y-Young Master p-please forgive me.. I have no place to g-go and I-I can’t lose this job Young Master p-please….”

But the man nonchalantly continued striding as if he heard nothing. It’s his first day of arrival. He got tired dealing with so many people and he has no time to waste his time dealing with another fool.

When his footsteps left the first floor and as soon as the maids heard the loud noise made by the slamming of the door of his room, they began running towards the poor maid who’s still crying upon losing her job and one and only hope.

“He is the worst person in this world” mumbled the other maid, looking at the stairs as if the man is still there.

“No mercy…”

“I don’t even know where did he get that demonic attitude of him..”

“Of course, from his hobbit grandmother.”

Angela's POV

“Here’s your order. Enjoy!” I joyfully greeted while placing the plates on the customer’s table.

“Thanks, sweetheart. I’ve been looking for you yesterday but the other waitress told me that you’re not around.” The old lady said to me.

“It was my day-off yesterday that’s why I was not around.” I politely replied.

She then nodded and smiled to me. “You are my favorite waitress. I really like it when you’re the one who serves my food wearing a bright smile on your face. I can’t help but to smile too.”

I beamed a smile, trying to hide my flushed face. “Hahaha! Thank you so much ma’am.”

“What’s your name again?”

“Angela Santos.” I replied, clutching the tray on my chest.

“Angela. Your name suits you.”

“Thank you so much ma’am, I was really flattered by your compliments.”

After our short conversation, I continued getting and serving the orders of the other customers.

It’s quite tiring but I love my job anyway.

“Bye Angela!”

“Bye! Take care” I waved my co-waitresses a goodbye then we parted ways.

I started trudging the way to our house.

I have to refrain from spending too much money to unnecessary things since I still need to keep it until the end of the month. And that unnecessary things includes riding a bus to get home.

“Mama!!” my younger sister Mary came running towards me as soon as I arrived.

Tears are running down her face and her hair is all over it.

I bend down my body a little to meet her eyes. “What’s the matter? Why are you crying? Where’s Hercules?” I asked her while wiping her tears.

“Mama.. Miss Vivianne is inside our h-house.. She k-keeps on yelling a-at us…” she explained while still sobbing.

“Miss Vivianne?”

Miss Vivianne is the landlady of the house we’re renting in. We haven’t paid the rent for three consecutive months but I’m planning to do it tomorrow.

Holding my sister’s hand, we ran towards our house and there, I saw Miss Vivianne looking down at my brother with her hands on her waist, shouting at him.

When Hercules noticed me, he quickly scampered towards me and hid behind.

Following my brother, Miss Viviane shifted her gaze towards me. "Oh there you are, Angela! I’ve been looking for you!” she said with a sarcastic tone. “Where’s your payment for the rent huh?! You haven’t pay me for three consecutive months! Do you really want to lose your house?!!!”

“I’m so sorry Miss Vivianne.. We ran out of money these past few months that’s why I wasn’t able to pay the rent. I’m really sorry but here.” I took a little envelop inside my backpack and handed it to Miss Vivianne. “I even included our payment for the next two months there too.”

She grabbed the envelop from me and peeked inside it counting the bills using only her eyes. “You know what, Angela? If only you’ll continue being like this, then I wouldn’t have to come here and ask for your payment. You’re such a pain in the ass, hmmp!” she snarled before leaving the house.

I looked down at my two little siblings who are still crying because of fright. I knelt down and stared into their eyes. “Stop crying now.. Mama’s already here so there’s no need for you to worry..” I tried to hush them. “You know what? I brought some food here for us to eat.” I said while showing them a blue plastic bag.

The two wiped their tears and looked at me with excitement in their eyes.

“Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating, okay?”                

“Okay!” they yelled then raced towards the kitchen.

I wasn’t able to hide my smile seeing them like this. I suddenly realized how lucky I am to have them as my siblings.

They never complained about having a little house or about the foods that we eat. They never grumbled about not having things that they want. We may not have a luxurious house or delicious foods, but we are happy and contented of what we have. As long as we’re together, we have everything.


“Behave and always listen to your teacher, okay?” I told Mary and Hercules when we finally reached their school.

“Yes, Mama. Take care!” they both said.

“Alright. You should go inside the classroom now”

I watched them step inside their classroom before I start walking my way to school.

I wonder if I can still make it.

I squinted at my siblings’ school round clock. It’s still 6:45am in the morning and my class will start at 8 am. I think It’ll take at least half an hour to walk going there so I can still make it on time without missing our first subject.

Have I told you already that I’m currently studying at Chasung High? Well, now you know.

Chasung High is the second most expensive school in the country –knowing that their admission fee costs about half a million not to mention the tuition and other miscellaneous fees.

I know you’re wondering how a penurious girl like me was able to study in that kind of school. I’m a scholar. I used to work as a school librarian and even a school waitress before just to maintain that scholarship. Of course, I also need to maintain my GWA no lower than 95.


I heard someone called my name so I quickly turned around to see who that was. Upon knowing who that person is, a big smile appeared on my face.

A pretty slim girl with long blonde curly hair wearing a pink glossy lipstick is waving at me.

“Good Morning, Lucy!” I greeted her.

“Good Morning best friend!”

“Let me hold those books for you.” I told her while looking at the books she’s holding.

She shook her head. “It’s fine. It’s not too heavy after all.” She replied while clutching the books on her chest.

“Come on, I don’t mind.”  I said then grabbed the book from her.

“Ah, you’re so sweet best friend!! By the way, have you seen Raffy already?” she suddenly asked while looking around.

I clasped her books tightly as I roamed my eyes. “Huh? I haven’t seen him yet but I think he’s already inside our classroom by now.”

“Yeah right. He’s such an early bird.”

I nodded in agreement. “Uhm. He’s really a hard-working one.

Rafael Fordano is our friend too. He is a son of a well-known CEO of one of the high-grossing companies.

He’s a kind one too, just like Lucy. Oh, and he is also good at cooking! How I really love his home-made ice cream pies!

While having our usual conversation, Lucy and I heard a loud noise of students shouting and yelling from afar.

“What’s that noise?” Lucy asked me.

“I don’t know..”

“Come, let’s find out.” She said then held my hand and shoved towards the group of students who are still chiming and clamoring as if they saw a Hollywood actor.

‘It’s prince Lucifer Moden!!’

‘Gosh, he’s so handsome!’

‘How can he be so ethereal!’

‘Welcome back Prince Lucifer!’

“It’s Lucifer!! My Lucifer!”  Lucy exclaimed while happily skipping because of too much excitement.

Lucifer. If I’m not mistaken, he’s that man Lucy is madly in love with. She used to tell me about him every single day like how did they met, how that man changed her life and how he ate a dinner with her back then in a fancy restaurant in New York one Sunday evening while the rain is pouring so hard. Their parents are business partners that is why they always end up seeing each other especially during special events. Well, not until Lucy’s parents decided to migrate here.

Lucy and I shoved our way to the crowd of students nudging each other until we get to be in the front to have a better view of her first love.

A man about our age wearing a black t-shirt inside a black leather jacket paired with a black tight pants and a black timberland shoes is walking towards the school entrance with earphones plugged in his ears.

He’s wearing an all-black outfit. How creepy

“He really is so handsome.” Lucy cooed while admiringly staring at the man who’s not aware that he’s being watched by so many students like a King.

I can’t help but to stare at Lucy’s face while gawking at Lucifer. Her big brown eyes are sparkling and I can see how fascinated she is by her first Love’s sudden appearance. She’s madly in love with Lucifer and I’m so happy knowing that from now on, I will be able to see a happier Lucy.

All of a sudden, I found Lucy wove her way towards the man.

“Er.. P-Prince Lucifer..” Lucy called out. Her voice is shaking. She is now standing in front of Lucifer.

“Get out of my way.”  Said the man without even glancing at her face.

“Uh..I'm Lucy Chasung. Don’t you remember me?” Lucy implored.

The students surrounding them begun mumbling.

‘What does miss Lucy wants from him?’

‘Do they even know each other?’

‘Of course, their parents are closed business partners after all.’

‘But I think they’re undeniably makes a perfect couple’

‘No way!’

Lucifer stared at her with an annoyed look on his face.

“I don’t fucking care who you are so get out of my fucking way before you get into my nerves, you dunce!”

He shouted at Lucy!

‘OMG Prince Lucifer is getting mad and I can sense it’

‘Prince wasn’t impressed by her charm.’

‘Maybe she can get any guy but that doesn’t mean he can get Lucifer Moden.’

Lucy stood still, looking at the man. “B-but .. we used to be friends.. back in U.S remember?” she whimpered.


"I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY!” He growled pushing Lucy so hard that she fell on the ground.


I quickly ran towards Lucy and helped her stand. Tears keeps rolling down her face and she can’t stop sobbing so I hugged her tight.

‘Poor Lucy Chasung.’

‘She thought being the daughter of Chasung High’s owner gives her the benefit of getting the attention of our prince.’

‘Serves her right.’

‘I feel sorry for her.’

I gazed at the man who just pushed Lucy. He continued walking as if nothing happened.

He’s such a despicable guy.

“Hey, you BASTARD!” I called out looking at him.

“Best friend, what are you doing?” Lucy whispered.

The students that are surrounding us began mumbling again.

I think he heard me because he swirled around and darted his gaze towards me.

He knows he’s a bastard.

“Why did you push her huh?! APOLOGIZE TO HER, RIGHT NOW!” I commanded him as if scolding a kid who did something whimsy.

He raises an eyebrow. He slowly marched towards me without any emotion on his face.

Will he hurt me too?

I’m scared ..

But I have to be brave, for Lucy.

“And who the fuck are you?” he asked as soon as he gets to stand in front of me.

I was a bit terrified by the sound of his deep thunderous voice. “A-Angela. Angela Santos.  Lucy’s best friend.” I hoarsely said—pretending not to be affected by his frightening gaze that could kill someone.

“What do you want from me?” he arrogantly asked.

I gulped. “I want you to apologize to my best friend.”

When did I become so brave?

He let out a sarcastic laugh. “Who are you to ask me what to do? do you think I’ll do what you say huh?”

“We both know you know each other ever since you were just little kids but you acted as if you never met her!” I complained. But he’s just staring at me like he was interested of what I’m saying. “Lucy loves you so much… but you pretended like you never knew her! You even pushed her!”

I gasped when he suddenly grabbed me from my collar. His eyes are glaring at me as if he turned into a demon ready to kill me any moment now.

“No one dares to interrupt me ever except you. Do you know who the fuck am I? Do you want to die already huh?!” he shouted right at my face. He seems so annoyed and angry.

Struggling to release from his tight grip, I spoke. “I-I don’t know you.. b-but based on what you are doing right now.. I can conclude that you really are a bastard.. and a despicable guy who only cares for himself.. An egoistic self-proclaimed—

“You really are getting into my fucking nerves you stupid scumbag!”

He pushed me so hard that my face hit the ground. I can now see the students mumbling and chuckling while looking down at me.


I suddenly saw a man running towards me with a worried look on his face.

It’s Rafael.

He stooped down and helped me to get up.

“Another asshole, huh? Hey moron, tell your fucking girlfriend to stop wasting her time putting herself inside other people’s business!” Lucifer said.

As soon as I stood up, Rafael walked towards Lucifer and punched him. “Don’t you dare hurt Angela, you bastard!” Rafael shouted trying to punch Lucifer again but Lucifer was too swift that he was able to miss the punch and hit Rafael instead.


“You stupid people are ruining my day. I’m just wasting my time on you.” Lucifer said then started walking away again.

I quickly ran towards Rafael and guide him to get up. “Are you alright, Rafael?”


How about you? Were you hurt” he worriedly asked even if he’s obviously the one who was terribly hurt.

I looked at the man over my shoulder.

He hurt Lucy, and then Rafael… He has done enough. He’s the meanest man I’ve ever seen!

“A-Angela, what are you planning to do?!”

“Best friend!!”

I pivoted and took off one of my shoes.


My shoe hit the nape of the guy, causing him to bow down a bit. He didn’t notice that I was able to scamper towards him before he could turn around.


I slapped his left cheek.


“That’s for Lucy. And this one,”

Gathering all my strength, I punched his face so forcefully that it caused him to fell on the school ground. “That one’s for Rafael. The next time you hurt my friends again, I’ll make sure that you’ll get what you’re looking for.” I bravely stated then started walking away like a wrestler champ.

What did I just do?


To all my new and even those readers that have been supporting this story for a long time, I just want to inform you guys that you will be encountering a lot f grammatical errors and typos ahead but don't worry, I am really trying my very best to edit the chapters so that you wouldn't have to go through a hard time reading Lucifer's Angel. Thank you so much for giving this story a try and I hope you'll have a great reading and learn something from it in the end :)

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