Contract Marriage
Contract Marriage
Author: ugemuge2002
Prologue * Babies

Pacing up and down the hospital corridors with his brows furrowed and etched in deep thoughts, not noticing the hustle and bustle of nurses and doctors rushing to save lives, not even noticing the harsh smell of antiseptic lingering in the air. Jake couldn't help but feel scared for his wife Laura.

He was feeling utterly useless that he couldn't help her, especially when she was fighting for her life and that of his twins. It was her first time giving birth, and she was having twins at that. He was so deep in thought that he did not notice the sound of footsteps approaching him those of his very close friend and business partner Alex Walters walking up to him.

Alex shared an uncanny resemblance with Jake and they were most often mistaken for brothers and that spurred their relationship more. Both of them were Black Americans, they were both dark skinned with brown eyes about 6'1 in height, lean and well muscled with hair shaved close to the scalp, the difference between them was that Alex wore black rimmed glasses but  Jake didn't, and the fact that Alex was leaner than Jake giving him  a nerdy look. Both of them also had a career in Real Estate.

Jake jolted out of his daze when Alex put a hand on his shoulder. "Jake relax everything will be fine," Alex said.

"How can I relax when my wife is in there fighting for her life," Jake replied visibly tense.

"I know Laura will make it she is a very strong woman," Alex said.

"But she's been in there for hours and she's not as strong as she may seem."

"She'll be fine Jake you don't need to stress too much," Anne said, she had come along with her husband to the hospital.

Anne Walters is a light skinned lady with black eyes, she's about 5'6 inches tall, slim. Her small and slim stature might be deceiving, but she was a major part of Alex and Jake's Company, she worked on many major projects in the company and she could be called the brains behind it.

"Giving birth is hard but I'm sure Laura can handle it," Anne continued.

They were busy giving Jake a pep talk that they didn't notice the doctor approaching them

The doctor cleared his throat and Jake, Alex and Anne turn to see where the sound came from, once Jake realised that it was from the doctor he tensed up.

"Good Evening to you please may I know who Mr Bentley is?" The doctor asked.

Realizing the doctor was referring to him Jake extended his hand to the doctor. "I am Mr Bentley," he said.

"Well congratulations Mr Bentley your wife has just delivered a healthy set of twin girls both mother and babies are fine," The doctor said.

Jake was overjoyed and didn't hesitate to engulf the doctor in a hug, "Thank you so much doctor," he said shaking the doctor's hand vigorously.

"Can I go and see them now?" Jake asked enthusiastically through a big smile.

"Of course you can," The doctor said,"I have got to get going now," He continued, leaving Jake to visit his new family.

Jake turned to Alex and Anne his big smile still intact but now his eyes were filled with tears that were about to fall.

Engulfing Alex in a bear hug he said, "Can you guys believe it, I am a father!" 

"We told you not to stress too much both mother and babies are alright," Alex said hugging him back, Jake was not usually a hugger but he was obviously ecstatic.

"Congratulations new dad," Anne said hugging him too. "We should  go see Laura and the babies now," She continued.

Now the tears that were threatening to fall had already covered Jake's face blocking his vision momentarily, "Right away Anne I can't wait to see my wife and meet my two daughters," Jake said.

Anne, Alex and Jake made their way to Laura's room, they opened the door and entered the room, the white walls of the room greeted them with the smell of antiseptic lingering in the air two ladies dressed in white presumably nurses one of them holding a baby then Laura looking very tired the caramel skinned lady with her big doe brown eyes and of average height with full breasts a slim waist and a round bottom in other words she had a hell of a figure.

Laura was lying in bed as tired as every woman who had just pushed two children out of them could be smiling lovingly at her baby while nursing her when she noticed that she had visitors her smile grew bigger when she recognized Jake.

"Jake come see the babies they are so beautiful," Laura said with tears in her eyes.

The nurse who was holding one baby handed her over to Jake who was now sobbing as he held the baby like the treasure that she was.

"Yes Laura they are truly beautiful and you gave them to me," Jake said.

Anne and Alex were already sobbing at the sight, it was quite beautiful.

Laura was the first to talk gesturing to the child at her breast she said, "This Aurora the first and you are holding Andrea."

"They look so much alike for fraternal twins," Jake said. The doctor had told them this during the scan when Laura was pregnant, they were expecting different looking children.

"Yes they do and even the both of them are light skinned with beautiful pink lips, brown eyes and a mass of curly hair. Aurora is lighter than Andrea but Andrea is hairier than Aurora and she has a birth mark on her neck,"  Laura said, she had already noticed the difference between them.

"Laura love congratulations," Anne said it was the first time she said anything.

"Thank you so much Anne and Alex for coming to see me I'm sorry I didn't notice you guys before," Laura said.

"Oh don't be Laura you've given birth we can't expect you to notice everything and we were also so engrossed in the moment we actually forgot to make ourselves known," Anne replied, shrugging off the apology.

"Oh but you guys didn't leave Nate and Ryan all alone to come and visit me," Laura said, she seemed worried about Anne and Alex's children.

"Oh stop it Laura you just had twins and you are still more concerned about the welfare of others than you are of your own," Alex said.

"The kids are fine Laura I left them with a babysitter," Anne said.

"Alright I won't worry anymore," Laura said raising her hands up in surrender.

Suddenly remembering something, Jake said, "Alex did you bring the contract along."

By that time the nurses had left the room.

Worry etched along Alex's brows as he asked Jake, "Are you sure about this?" It was obvious to Jake that Alex wasn't happy about the business plan, but that wasn't going to stop him.

"Yes I am sure I love my daughters and I don't see them with anyone else but your sons Let's seal this deal," Jake said. He could not see anything going wrong.

Alex nodded and brought out the contract that makes sure that the BW Hotels and Enterprises remains in the family for the next generation hence  joining Aurora and Nate, Andrea and Ryan when they come of age.

"Laura love you want this too right," Jake asked Laura with pleading eyes, Laura didn't want the life of her children to be tied down but her husband was very stubborn and persuasive, he didn't take no for an answer.

"Sure Jake," Laura said to placate him, with hopes of turning it around later.

And there and then Jake, Alex Anne and Laura signed that document that sealed the fate of their children together.

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Nice start with an amazing plot.

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