Flashback to two years ago.

It was approximately six months since my breakup with Drew, after walking in on him with another girl, when I paid him a surprise visit at his law firm. It was supposed to be a surprise visit, and I was going to take us out after because I had gotten promoted to supervisor at the Hilton’s hotel and I couldn’t wait to tell him, but what I met at his office took that from my mouth.

As it so happened, he told the lady that he was single and from what I heard; he had been dating the lady named Lilian for a few weeks before I discovered them together. The man I thought I knew was as fake as the word is, and I didn’t know him at all. I felt hurt and betrayed. Alian was right. He was no good and I should have seen him for what he was, but I didn’t because I loved him.

I couldn’t let that stopped me from working or slow me down. This big promotion came from my good work and my boss Bethany was wai

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