The phone line ends, leaving me torn and anxious about what to do next and I get too occupied that I do not expect the knock that comes to my door, causing me to jump, a bit startled almost immediately.

An unpleasant feeling coils in my stomach as I debate whether to open the door for the stranger sent here by Keenan to pick me up.

‘What if Keenan's aim is to get you killed?!’ my pessimistic mind yells at me. ‘That way, he won’t have to go through the trouble of divorce. What then?’

I won’t say he’s not that kind of person, because he’s a man in love and people who are in love sometimes do crazy things like getting rid of anyone in the way of their happiness. I’ve seen how Keenan acts out when Taylor is discussion, and I know his love for that woman is too deep and he’ll move every mountain if it’ll help him get to her.

I’m the number one person in the way of that. And never has my life been so endangered as it is now. Am I over

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