“Why would I ever want to screw myself, when I can always screw you instead?” And immediately he let me go and hands me the towel before walking out of the bathroom.

I gasp and cover my mouth, panting as I watch the door closes behind him. I felt weakness all over my body, especially because he just left me undone and in need of release.

How can he do this to me? He didn’t have any right to touch me, and yet he did.

He’s trying to prove the point of what he’s capable of at my expense and I let him.

I feel terrible, violated. Can we classify that as being violated? Cause and I didn’t complain or fight against it because I wanted it. I feel so weak and yet so turned on and unable to get back at me for what he’s done.

Hell, this is bad, and it’s getting out of hand. I don’t think I have as much effect on him as he does on me and I think he knows that, too.

I take three deep breaths af

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