Once inside, I notice there are also notable men and women present and although Keenan is still yet to tell me why we are here; I hear small voices talking and putting two and two together; I know this might be an engagement party, not a special event like he made it seem like back at home.

“Whose engagement party is this?” I ask Keenan, who has been pulling me along with him everywhere since we entered five minutes ago, like I’m his toy.

“Uh?” He raises a brow at me, trying to play the confusion part, but I know better, which gets me even more pissed off.

I roll my eyes and stare at him, “Don’t you uh me! Speak or I’m gonna turn around and leave this very minute.” I threaten with a serious look.

He breathes down slowly, and I know he wants to be stubborn, controlling and pushy, but there seems to be something about this entire event that keeps him in check. “It’s Taylo

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