Twenty one

“Where are you?” Bethany demands over the phone, “we are almost leaving and the kids haven’t seen you yet.”

After waiting and listening for a while, she rolls her eyes. “No, don’t give me the bullshit excuse called work ‘cause we both know that is not it.”

“Good, better get yourself here or I’m gonna have to come and drag it from where ever you are.” After the hard threat, she ends the call and turns to me with a mischievous look, “He’s on his way.”

I give her a sceptical look as I approach my make-up mirror where she’s standing, “Are you sure?”

She grins wickedly, “Well, of course! I know Keenan well and if there someone he tries not to get angry, it’s me.” She answers, “I wish I could just threaten these fats on my skin and have it be how I want though.” She sighs sadly as she stares at herself in the mirror before her.

Although anyone who sees Bethany would consider her mature and yes she is, but most judgement would

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