Twenty three

Third POV

Two days later,

“I never really got to thank you for what you did for Rory,” Phoebe’s voice draws Keenan out of the deep thought his mind has cast him into in the last half hour and he gives her space to seat on the seat close to him.

Rory had gone back to Taylor's home to patch things up with her and, after waiting at her gate and getting no response. He could have left when he saw the cloud forming. He knew he needed to leave, but he had to stay because he had told Taylor he wasn’t leaving until he got the chance to talk to her.

He never got the chance to talk to her and so he didn’t leave... At least not until he lost consciousness.

Keenan had brought Rory to the hospital after finding him unconscious in the heavy rain outside of Taylor's home, where he suspected Rory had gone after he came to the hotel and realised he was gone.

After Rory got admitted and they run tests on him. They found out that t

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