Thirty four

“There she is!” Announces Patrick happily. I force myself to put on a smile, walking down to where he and Keenan are having a discussion. “I knew this day would surely come.” He tells Keenan with confidence.

“Are we supposed to believe that, Dad?” Keenan asks, with a raised brow, clearly not believing in what his father just said.

The old man shrug indifferently. “From the first day I saw the two of you together, I knew you were meant to be.” He points out in a convinced tone of voice, “although that was four years ago and you were still much in love with Taylor, I knew there was something about Vary that made her the ideal woman for you.”

Keenan drinks a little from his glass of wine. “And you never told me any of that.” Keenan pointed out to him.

“I knew it wouldn’t be clear, so I let fate lead both of you to your destiny.” The man just responds, still much convinced

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