Thirty eight

One week later,

“Why am I hacking into their system again?” Rory asks Keenan with a curious tone of voice as he opens and accesses some information on the computer screen.

Keenan, who realises Rory has accessed the bank security information, moves closer to him. “Because it’s one week and two days since Vary left and I have to find out where she is that way. I’ll be okay.” He answers with honesty in his voice.

After Vary disappeared from the hospital a week ago and Keenan had no other choice but to try looking for her, the best way he can.

He pays a visit to Alian, Vary’s good friend, but she told him she hadn’t seen Vary since the birthday party and Keenan went to meet with Levi, but he also said he hadn’t seen her, but would also be on the lookout for her.

After a long unyielding search, Keenan returned home that day, and as he walks over to the

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