'Kill him'

He was laying on a rock that he and his sister use to lay on by the river. They used to sit right in the very same spot talking after their training, but since Carla passed, he never set foot there but toady he was here. He enjoyed the peace and quiet around even though it was not completely quiet as he could hear the small animal noises around the forest due to his werewolf hearing. ‘You shouldn’t have spoken to her that way Collen, she’s our mother’ he rolled his eyes annoyed by his wolf ‘That’s funny coming from you Carl, what happen to the mean wolf I had, one that was only worried about finding his mate’ Carl snickered ‘ I still worry about finding mate but having you behave like me is weird’

Collen chuckled ‘ We are one genius, if am weird so are you’ he said then blocked the link with Carl, as he began to enjoy the quiet again a scent invaded his nostrils, he sat quietly trying to distinguish it and found it was not from someone in the pack. He moved like a tiger quietly stalking its prey and when he got closer the scent was now mixed with different other scents and figured those were familiar meaning the scents belonged to the pack warriors.

He got close without making a sound and saw 4 pack warriors with the stranger. He emerged from the behind the trees the warriors immediately took notice. “Collen it’s you” said one of the warriors. “Kill him” he said coldly that the warriors were taken aback by what he said. “But we have to find out why his here first we can’t just kill him.’ One of the warriors tried to reason with the young alpha.

“I came to...” Clap!! he got annoyed by the stranger talking and cut him off with a slap so powerful that it resonated through the forest. “Shut up” his voice was cold it sent shivers to the warriors. “Collen when we find strangers on our boarders, we interrogate them first before taking action, we don’t just kill.” One of the warriors tried to reason again with the young alpha. “Besides only alpha can give orders to kill.” The other warrior concurred. “Am not a rogue I..” with a swift and quick move he snapped the stranger’s neck and his body went limp on the ground leaving the warriors with their mouths hung open not really comprehending what just took place.

Collen and Carla were some of the best fighters in the pack, the alpha made sure that their schedule at school included training, they would attend class each day of the week from 08h00-14h00 then from 14h00-16h00 they would do training of different kinds each day, making them the best fighters with different fighting styles.

The first one of the warriors to snap out of the trace mind linked the alpha ‘alpha we have a problem on the south boarder.’ The alpha was immediately on alert, he took the warning of the rogue attack seriously so when one of his warriors’ mind linked him that there was a problem, he was already on his feet moving toward the door. ‘What happened Josh.’  Josh braced himself before stating the problem. ‘Collen killed a stranger that stepped into out territory’ the alpha froze before putting his foot down to take another step.

‘I will be right there’ that is all he said before mind linking beta Jackson to meet him at the south boarder. He jumped off the balcony of the third floor where his office was shifting mid-air and landing on all fours then started running towards the south boarder with his beta right on his tail. They arrived around the same time shifting back to their human forms, taking clothes hidden on the nearby trees.

“What happened” he questioned while his eyes were on Collen. “Goddess! You are all a bunch of useless warriors, what made you think calling daddy dearest here is going to change anything? Or maybe you thought his going to bring him back to life” he gave the warriors a disapproving look. “Alpha, he was not a rogue he didn’t smell like one, but we didn’t get a chance to interrogate him as Collen killed him before we could.” Reported one of the warriors with his head bowed.

“Collen, why” this was his first kill, yes, he has fought and injure wolves before but never killed one. “You heard about the attack and you still want to allow strangers into the territory and even give them the courtesy to explain themselves why? This is Black Moon Pack and it should live up to its name. people should not just cross out boarders on a whim and expect to walk free no! they should not even dare set foot here without our knowledge!” he said and left.

If he had doubts now the alpha does not, alpha John now believes that his son has changed and not for the better. He cursed the witch that took his ability to feel away, his Collen killed without remorse and then said some thing like that. “We have to find out which pack his from Alpha, his no rogue and we can all see that judging by how clean and well groomed he is. I think our young alpha might have brought us war we are not prepared for” said beta Jackson but in actual fact he wanted to shout at Collen and say ‘ we already have a rogue attack that we don’t know when it will come. We are training the hardest trying to be prepared for it, yet you went and killed a pack member on a whim and now we must prepare for war with whatever pack this guy belongs to!”

But he could not say that Collen was his future alpha and he did not want to be on his bad books seeing how he is now; he will have no mercy on him. “Beta Jackson lets contact the packs we have alliances with and try to find out who he belongs to.” The alpha gave the orders then shifted and ran back to the packhouse. He was angry and agitated, he was a peaceful man yet now he might have to go to war and might lose even more warriors and be defeated when the rogue attack happens. He felt as though Collen did this on purpose so that their defences can be weakened when the rogue attack happens, like he wanted him to die on that attack. Before his mind wondered too far, he shook his head trying to get rid of the thoughts.

Collen was still his son he would never to something like that. Or would he? They spent all afternoon calling each alpha they knew trying to find out who the man belonged to. They got to the last pack on the list the Silver Moon Pack, alpha John and his beta looked at each other. Alpha John and alpha Black of the Silver Moon Pack were frenemies, as they were making these calls he wished with all his might for this man not to belong to Silver Moon Pack which is why he decided to call alpha Black last.

With a heavy heart alpha John made the call, a rough voice sounded on the phone. “Silver Mood Pack Alpha Black speaking” alpha John held the armrest a bit tighter. “Its alpha John here from the Black Moon Pack” each word he spoke felt like it took more energy than what it required. “Aaah John you must have gotten my message then; will you be coming? The Silver Mood would be happy to host you this year, you haven’t been coming to the annual ball these past two years but I had hoped you would come this year since I personally invited you.” Rumble! Alpha Black was rumbling and, in his rumbling, gave alpha John an idea what the dead man come to his territory for. He sighs quietly “Alpha Black am afraid I have bad news, your messenger got into an alteration with my warriors and lost his life. “his grip on the armrest getting was tighter making his knuckles turn white.

There was silence on the other side of the line making the alpha agitated putting the phone on speaker and placed the phone on the table. Collen was passing by the alpha’s office when he heard the voice of alpha Black. “You killed one of my own John” Alpha John could not distinguish whether this was a question or a statement but before he could answer Collen answered first. “If you had called like normal person, your messenger wouldn’t have been killed, we all know of the rogue attacks that have been frequent lately yet you sent this man without informing us, I must say you were sending this man to his death alpha. So take the courtesy and come pick up your man by tomorrow or I will have no choice but to have his body burned” alpha John and beta Jackson didn’t even see Collen coming in, now got stunned by what he said.

He made sense yet he sounded so provocative! “You are right, I assume that is your beta John...” Collen cut him off “His son actually” he said and walked off slowly waiting to hear what alpha Black will say. “You are right young alpha I should have called, please do expect my people tomorrow. Good day alpha John” when he heard the alpha’s response, he walked off leaving his father and beta speechless.

On the other side alpha Black was livid he wanted blood and blood he must get “You have grown balls since the last time I saw you Collen. I have a feeling you had something to do with my man dying but no matter you shall get what is coming to you or my name isn’t Lucas Black!” declared the alpha, if it was any other pack he wouldn’t have had any problems because that person held no position in the pack but because it was the Black Moon Pack he couldn’t let it slide. He took it as a challenge, and he accepted!

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