The pack house was nicely decorated for the day, everything looked beautiful and elegant. Luna Katherine went all out to make this dinner a success, she even got two additional chefs to assist their pack chef with making the dishes. Gamma Sam had doubled the warriors on the borders as promised and Collin’s warriors were also on patrol, 5 on each border assisting with the patrol while the others will be security at the dinner, he got them all black suits and instructed them to stand on each corner of the room, others outside the pack house and be vigilant.

The time for the alphas to arrive came Alpha John and Luna Katherine were ready to go and welcome the guests as they started arriving. “Darling, where is Collin? I would like for him to join us in welcoming the guests.” They used to welcome the guests with both twins when Carla was alive, but since she passed this is the first event the Black Moon Pack is hosting. “ I will link him to come and join us, but please try and not hurt so much when he rejects the offer” alpha John was worried that Collin might rudely reject his mother’s offer and the last time Collin was rude to her she cried for two days straight. “I will try to not but please tell him to come.” The Luna still had hope, alpha John mind linked Collin to come join them, he did not reply he just stood up from laying on his bed and wore his slippers. He had on sweatpants that he wore after showering when he came back from training and a vest with flipflops’. He walked out his door all the way to the front door of the pack house.

Luna Katherine saw him walking down the stairs and looked at his attire. She didn’t approve of it due to the occasion but she was happy he was there, he stood next to them and alpha John looked at him wanting to say something but held his tongue because he knew it might back fire. The three of them went to the door to welcome the guests, as the alphas came in with their respective Luna’s the omegas would show then to their respective seats and serve them drinks.

Alpha Lucas Black came alone and walked up to alpha John with a cynical smile on his face. “John, how are you?” alpha John forced a smile “Alpha Lucas, how are you this evening? Again, apologies for what happened previously.” Alpha Lucas smirked “It’s no bother but know that everything has consequences.” Alpha John lost his smile as alpha Lucas went inside as if nothing had happened.

Carl was restless making Collin more irritated than he already was ‘What in the Goddess’s name has gotten into you’ he asked his wolf ‘Don’t be mute now answer me’ he said to Carl ‘I don’t know but I feel like something is about to happen.’ Carl linked back ‘like what?’ asked Collin now more alert. ‘I don’t know’ this irritated Collin even more. ‘Then stop what you are doing you giving me a headache.’ Carl didn’t answer, more alphas arrived and were welcomed in by the alpha and Luna of the pack with Collin giving them an occasional nod of acknowledgement.

Alpha Damien and his gamma Xavier arrived walking to the door with their respective plus one’s suddenly Carl was on alert, a scent filled Collin’s nostrils making him stop and sniff a bit more of it. As they came closer Mercy could also mess the scent of sunflowers and sand after it has rained. It was so serene that she couldn’t help but want to walk faster to get to it, but Damien held her close. “Greetings alpha John” greeted alpha Damien once he and Mercy got close to them. Mercy’s eyes were glued on Collin who just gave her a brief look and returned his eyes to Damien.

Mercia, Mercy’s wolf was jumping for joy urging Mercy to go to their mate, she was glued on the spot and could not even hear what alpha Damien and alpha John were talking about as she was focused on Collin.

He was not well dressed for the occasion compared to the people around but to Mercy he was the most well dressed and good-looking guy she is ever seen. ‘Let us go to mate please Mercy’ said Mercia excitedly ‘Did you not see that he didn’t react to us.’ Said Mercy ‘His mate he loves us, and he will acknowledge us, just let go of Damien.’ Mercy tried moving away from Damien as Mercia her wolf suggested but Damien tightened his hold on her waist.

Mercy let it go and thought that she will get a chance again since the diner is yet to start. ‘Mate! Mate! Mate!’ Collin rolled his eyes at his wolf ‘So?’ he linked ‘Go to her, lets claim her now’ said Carl excitedly ‘We will but not now’ Carl whimpered ‘But I want mate Collin! Do you see how this guy is holding her? She is ours! We should be holding her like that not him!’ said Carl not pleased with Damien holding Mercy. ‘I know you want to act but if you don’t shut up, I will not talk to her, I will let her leave as if I don’t know she’s our mate.’ Carl whimpered once more ‘You wouldn’t!’ he protested ‘Try me’ Carl thought about it for a second before he answered. ‘The witch said you will feel again when we meet mate’ Collis sigh ‘Clearly the bloody witch lied, aside from her scent I feel nothing’ Carl whimpered painfully at his answer. ‘Promise not to let her go, she’s ours Collin and it might still work’ Colling rolled his eyes annoyed. ‘Then shut up and I might listen to you’ Carl did not say anything more.

Collin then turned around and left. Mercy’s heart ached at the sight of him leaving without saying a word, but she still had hope because he did not reject her, yet. She was suddenly irritated by Damien’s presence and touch. Lucia noticed the change in her friend as they were being lead to the tables, she looked uncomfortable, she went closer to her and whispered in her ear “What’s wrong?” she asked “I found my mate” she whispered back “WHAT!” she yelled earning some looks from the people around which she just smiled and pretended like nothing happened.

“Tell the whole world why don’t you?” said Mercy annoyed by her friend “ Sorry but who is he?” she whispered again “I don’t know his name but the guy in sweatpants who was standing next to alpha John and Luna Katherine. I think their son.” Lucia recalled who she was talking about immediately because he is the guy who was not dressed for the occasion. “But he did not even react when he saw you, I mean you know how Xavier and I were like when we discovered we were mates. His an alpha and they are the most possessive, why didn’t he react at all?” Mercy’s heart sank; indeed, he did not react besides sparing her a glance he did not reach at all. “You are asking the wrong person friend, but at least he didn’t reject me, right?” she tried consoling herself.

Lucia didn’t like seeing her friend looking so hurt, but before she could say anything more they were called to order and everyone went to their respective seats, Mercy sat next to Lucia as they were first to seat on the table. Xavier sat next to Damien and they both didn’t think much of the two sitting together since they were friends.

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