Alpha's death

Indeed Collin was the first one to wake up in just 20 minutes after alpha Lucas and the rogues left together with the witch. He looked around after waking up feeling emptier than he did when the witch took his ability to feel, he stood up and looked around. He saw everyone laying on the ground, his first thought was that they were dead but the soft snores proved that they were only asleep.

He started taking out the dead bodies from the hall putting them outside, he saw that outside was the same as inside the hall, it was full of dead bodies and sleeping werewolves. 5 minutes of him taking out the bodies two at a time his warriors arrived with the injured warriors. Others have started to heal while others needed a hospital.

Collin told his warriors to send the injured ones to the pack hospital, they did as told then came back and helped with getting rid of the bodies. No one spoke but the warriors could feel that something was wrong, they felt a weak and the kind of weakness they felt was usually felt when an alpha had died.

They wondered if Collin felt at least different or a little of what they were feeling but from how he was working on getting things back to normal they didn’t think that was the case. When Collin got to the side where his father alpha John was he froze seeing him like that. He finally understood why he felt emptier than he already did, his father was dead.

He didn’t say anything to the warriors that were close to him who saw the same thing he did, he just took his father’s body delicately and walked out with it. When he got out to put him with the rest of the bodies those on the outside were waking up, Mercy was among those who were waking up and the first thing she saw when her eyes cleared was Collin, her mate holding a dead body of alpha John.

Her heart ached at the sight, she searched for any sadness and pain from the man’s eyes but there was none. She thought it was because he was numb from all that has happened, she walked up to him. “Collin” she called for him but he kept his eyes on his father, void of emotions just staring at the dead body. “The witch did say he will die on the attack” he said and Mercy listened.

“ She said I needed to be there for mother and help her through the pain.” He paused once again “Did you see her by any chance.” He asked still not looking at her, Mercy wanted nothing more than to embrace him and comfort him during this time. “She is in the bunker with other she wolves and pups.” Collin nodded at her answer then left without looking back.

Alpha Damien went closer to Mercy after Collin left, he stood right behind her. “ Are you sure you want to stay with someone like that?” Mercy sigh, she was tired of hearing this man’s voice “I told you that am not leaving, that man is my mate and this is where I belong.” She answered without looking at him then left going to the bunker.

It was a bunker right behind the pack house not far from the training grounds. The warriors there recognised her as one of those who were fighting along side them and nodded at her. “Open up its safe now and there is a lot to be done.” The warriors wouldn’t move, she might have helped but no one knew if they could trust her or not.

“Am Collin’s mate you can trust me.” Said Mercy, the warriors didn’t answer her but one of them mind linked Collin ‘There is a young lady here asking for us to open the bunker saying that she is your mate.’ Linked warrior ‘mm’ that was all the reply he got from Collin before he nodded to the warrior next to him.

They opened the bunker and Luna Katherine was the first one out of there with red eyes. “Tell me, where is John?” she asked looking between Mercy and the two warriors. None of them knew how to answer so they kept quiet. She pushed them aside walking bare foot going towards the pack house with Mercy right on her tail.

She got there and started looking around searching for alpha John, she felt the mate bond broke and she felt the excruciating pain that she was still feeling at that moment. But she was in denial, John wouldn’t leave her like that, she was his mate and they belonged together forever. She saw Collin and went to him in a hurry.

“Collin, where is your father, where is John?” she asked holding his wrist, Collin looked at her big green eyes now red and soiled with tears. “Am sorry” that was all he could say to her. “ No! No! Collin no!” she was shaking her head with tears falling. “Please tell me where John is Collin I beg you tell me where he is!” she begged him once again , holding his wrist even tighter.

He pulled her to him and hugged her but the hug was so cold that it didn’t do much in comforting Luna Katherine. She pulled out and looked at him with pleading eyes. “I will show you where he is but his dead that you should know now.” She didn’t want to hear it and Collin saw the disbelief in her eyes. He lead her to where the dead bodies were, when she saw alpha John’s clothing she started walking faster.

When she got closer and confirmed he was indeed dead she fell on her knees next to him and wailed. She buried her face on his neck while holding his head. “You promised John you promised!” she wailed painfully as she kept repeating that he promised, no one knew what the alpha had promised her but the Luna was holding him to it.

Mercy who was following behind all this while didn’t like the scene in front of her, she went to Katherine and held her shoulders hugging her from the back. “He promised me, he promised me yet he left” she said looking at Mercy over her shoulder, Mercy didn’t say anything and only listened. Collin looked at the scene before him then turned and left them comforting each other.

“It shall be well Luna, I know it will take time and it will not be today or tomorrow but it will get better with time.” Mercy offered words of comfort to the Luna who shook her head when she heard them. “We were supposed to spend our time together, he was going to hand over the pack to Collin and we were going to travel the world. How can I do that now without him?” Mercy didn’t know what to say to her,

She stood up slowly and looked at her mate one more time then wiped her tears and snot with the back of her hand clumsily. She thanked Mercy and walked to the pack house looking like a zombie, her delicate face stained with tears but she didn’t care. She walked into the pack house and went upstairs where the alpha’s office was.

A smile formed on her face as she stood outside the door, his scant was still strong here and in her mind he was right behind the door and not dead out there. She opened the door still keeping her smile, the smile she was wearing slowly faded as she was greeted  by a big table and an empty chair. She went in then closed the door behind her, leaning her back against it then going down with it until she sank on the floor hugging her knees crying silently.

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