He has a demon soul

A week has passed since the attack on Black Moon Pack, the funerals of the fallen have been held and were all laid to rest. Luna Katherine spent her time in the room she shared with her mate alpha John, Marcy has been with her since she decided to stay with her mate, not that he has given her any attention but she didn’t mind at all since she has been  busy with trying to cheer up the Luna and make sure that she is never alone.

Collin has taken over the pack as the alpha and his main purpose since he took over the position was to train the warriors of the pack to be the best they can be. He gave beta Jackson all the other pack work until he is satisfied with the performance of the warriors then he will fully take over. His goal is to avenge all the pack members he lost during that attack including his father.

This day Mercy did what she has been doing, going to Luna Katherine’s room and to give her breakfast then try and get her to leave the room. Today was no different as walked up the stairs with a tray in hand with two plates of breakfast. She knocked and push the door open as she never gets an answer if she stands out there waiting.

But today was different, the bed was made, there was no sign of the Luna but the shower was running. She was shocked but happy that she showered on her own without being manipulated to do so. She placed the tray on the bedside table and waited for the Luna to come out. After sometime the water stopped and in a few minutes she emerged from the bathroom looking different somehow.

“Good morning Mercy” she greeted and Mercy was shocked because the last time she heard her voice was the day of the incident, she never spoke after that. “Good morning Luna, its good to hear your voice again.” She smiled “John visited me in my dreams last night, he told me that he needs to me avenge him and I can’t to do laying on this bed.” Mercy was touched but also worried.

This person has not been talking for over a week and now she is up and ready to take on the world just like that? No! Mercy was worried that she will crush and it will be worse than what it was the last week. “Am glad you are feeling better Luna but don’t you need more time to grieve?” asked Mercy and Luna Katherine shook her head.

“I will only grieve more when I kill Lucas with my bare hands, that man took a part of me and I will make him pay for that.” Mercy passed her the plate of breakfast and they ate in silence. When they finished they went done stairs, pack member greeted her and offered words of comfort as she passed them.

They passed the kitchen and Mercy put the tray in the sink then they went out going to the training grouds. Collin and the pack warriors have been on the training grounds since 4AM in the morning. They train from 4h00 – 10h00 every morning, Collin even sent out communication to other packs that if they wanted to visit Black Moon Pack for whatever reason they must first call and make an appointment.

The letter said if anyone is found in their pack lands without informing them they will be killed. Of course some found it ridiculous that he will set such rule but they soon found out that he wasn’t playing when a member of Cristal Moon went to the Black Moon Pack without informing them and was killed on sight.

When Katherine and Mercy arrived at the training grounds warriors stopped training and looked at them. “What are you two doing here?” Asked Collin without looking at them, he smelled their scent and knew who they were. “We have come to train.” Answered his mother, he turned and looked at them. “Is this another one of your cheering up schemes?” he asked Mercy.

“Fortunately not, this was the Luna’s idea, I had no involvement in it.” Answered Mercy, she hated how cold Collin was to her, sure she didn’t want an over bearing mate but Collin was something far worse than over bearing. He didn’t care or have time to interact with her. They share the same room but he has never touched, kissed or even spoken to her when they were alone.

“It was my idea, I want to train so that I can be strong enough to kill Lucas myself when the time comes.” She said seriously “mm…you don’t have to though, I will kill Lucas and everyone else who was involved.” Said Collin with a serious expression on. “Lucas killed my mate and I want to avenged him myself. All I ask is for you to train me the same way you train your warriors, I don’t want any lenience.” Said the Luna seriously.

“You were not going to get any to begin with, the she wolves that train with me don’t get any special treatment you are not going to be any different, you want to train and avenge your mate? Sure but that wont happen today, training starts at 4AM in the morning to 10AM. Breaks just a few seconds to drink water and that’s it.” Stated Collin in all seriousness.

“Not a problem I will come in the morning” the Luna then walked away, as much as she hated how Collin had changed but now she liked how strict he was about this whole training and believed that she will get to the level she wants soon.

On the other side of the Snow mountain where the rogue leader and his sister the witch stayed with their pack, the leader Misha was restless, he wanted the Black Moon Pack lands and he wanted them now. He didn’t want to give them enough time to be strong again before he attacks. He wants to attack now while they are still vulnerable. He went to his sister and found her sitting on top of a rock.

He sat next to her and sigh. “It’s cold in this mountain” the witch remained silent “If we had pack lands my pack will not be living like this.” Continued Misha “You know that you can get any unoccupied land and claim It as your own.” Said the witch “Why would I do that Sasha when we can claim the Black Moon Pack lands? We can attack them now while they are still vulnerable and claim the land as ours.” Said Misha determined.

Sasha shook her head. “Collin is not vulnerable as you think he is.” She said looking at the little snow that was left on the mountain since the sunny days have arrived and started melting the snow with its heart. “What can a little boy do? We can defeat them, you just have to disguise our scents like before and leave the rest to us.” Sasha shook her head.

“You will die if you go back there, did you see how many of your people he killed in a matter of minutes?” reminded Sasha “He had help from his warriors” Sasha looked at him for the first time since he sat next to her. “Its more than that, he is more powerful than you think and I didn’t only take away his ability to feel.” Misha glared at his sister.

“What the hell did you do Sasha.” His red eyes were boring holes into Sasha who flinched at the tone he used. “I only told you to take his ability to feel away so that he wouldn’t care when we finally take action against his pack.” Continued Misha. “I have not mastered the spell yet so with what I did before the spell would have worn off in a week, to keep him from feeling I had to trap his soul but that came at a price.” Said Sasha and looked away from him.

“What price was that?” Sasha hesitated before she answered “I trapped his soul in the underworld but that created a portal for one of the most dangerous demons to take on his body, his now Collin but with a soul of a blood thirsty demon. I saw it with my own eyes how it killed your pack members.” Said Sasha.

“Does that mean his wolf is also affected?” asked Misha “Only a little, the reason why it is not as affected as he is, is because he found his mate and her wolf is helping his remain normal while Collin is highly affected. His the one that wanted to die and somehow gave consent for his soul to be taken thus giving a chance to the demon to take the place of his soul when I trapped his.”

Misha was furious, he knew what Sasha was talking about as it happened to him after their parents died, he had a demon possessed him made him heartless and despicable. He is the reason he was banished from his pack and became a rogue. He was strong and fearless. If Collin was anything like he was then he will not risk it.

“Does he know?” he asked “No he doesn’t, his wolf may sense that some thing more is going on but he wont be able to figure out what it is.” Said Sasha “Then we can  still attack if he doesn’t know the powers he possesses. “ Sasha shook her head no “That wont work, that thing woke up the moment the scent of blood invaded Collin’s nostrils. You heard and saw the damage you did in our old pack. Collin has something worse, I don’t want to lose you for this.”

Misha nodded, then decided that if he cant have the Black Moon Pack lands then he will go for Silver Moon Pack, Lucas owed him and if he can’t get the Black Moon then Silver Moon will have to do.

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