Carl takes action

After that day Mercy tried to get Collin’s attention once more but her efforts were futile, Collin ignores and avoids her. They sleep in the same room on the same bed but Collin doesn’t even make a move to touch or talk to her. Mercy had been very sad and hurt by his actions. The mate bond was strong with her because they share a bed every night and now she wanted nothing more than to be close to him.

She longed to  be marked by him like any other mated she-wolf but it seems that Collin has no plans whatsoever to mark her. Carl pleaded with him to spend time with their mate and mark her as their own but Collin ignored his pleas. This day after dinner Collin was tired after a long day of training and attending meetings.

He went straight to his room after dinner and went to the shower. He took a long and well deserved shower. When he finally walked out Mercy was seating on the bed and when she heard the door opening she lifted her head and looked at him. He had only a towel wrapped around his waist. She drooled as she saw how good looking and well-toned his body was.

His hair was went and his body still had drops of water on it making him even hotter. He is tall, handsome with a chiselled face and sharp jawline. She wanted nothing more than to run her had through his wet hair while kissing him and feel his tight muscles against her hand. She shook her head trying to get the thoughts out of her mind because that seemed like a far fetched dream.

Collin only wore briefs and walked over to the bed and got in. he fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Mercy walked to the shower and showered then went back to the room. She wore her nightwear and got to bed looking the other way as she did every night.

Suddenly a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. She stiffened at the contact as it was the first time being held by Collin. She didn’t want to move or say anything in case she wake him up, the contact made her feel warm and wanted.

Collin pulled her even closer spooning her then buried his head on her neck and sniffed her scent. “You smell so good mate” butterflies erupted in her stomach making her feel something she has never felt before. This feeling was new to her but she liked it. “Thank you” she replied in a low voice.

“I believe have not been officially introduced, am Carl, Collin’s wolf” Mercy got a bit nervous, she has heard that a wolf taking over is not a good thing. “Nice to finally meet you Carl” she said trying to sound brave. “Don’t be scared mate I will never hurt you, I love you.” Mercy’s heartbeat accelerated she never thought she will ever hear those words from her mate.

“You don’t have to say it back, I know and feel your love.” Those words warmed her heart, at least Carl can see that she loved them and wants to be with them. “What happened to Collin?” she had to ask because Carl being here means he took control by force. “His asleep, his tired. Can I meet Mercia please?” asked Carl politely.

Mercy let Mercia out “Hello mate” Carls bold voice said as soon as Mercy gave Mercia control. “Hello Carl” Carl smiled “Listen, I took over so that you and I can have some time together. As you know Collin is stubborn and will never allow us to spend time with you.” Mercia whimpered in sadness and Carl took her in his arms and hugged her.

“Don’t be sad mate, we can do something about this” said Carl softly as he kept kissing the top of her head. “What can we do when his not even willing to spend time with us.” Said Mercia sadly. “We can force the mate bond on him by marking each other.” Said Carl. “Mercy wont allow us to mark each other without Collin’s consent.” Said Mercia

“She doesn’t have to know, block Mercy out completely and take full control like I have done with Collin. We won’t do anything other than mark each other.” Said Carl “I don’t know Carl” Mercia said “Do you want us to live the rest out lives being deprived of love and happiness just because of Collin’s selfishness? Sweetheart I love you and I want to be with you. Please allow us to do this, it is the only way to strengthen the mate bond between Collin and Mercy.”

Upon hearing that Mercia gave in and blocked Mercy taking full control. “We are only going to be marking no mating.” Said Mercia “That is all I ask sweetheart, come here.” He pulled her closer and Mercia melted into his arms. She had been waiting for this since they met.

She wanted nothing more than to be marked and mated with her mate. Carl moved her from his chest and she shied away from him. He lifted her chin making her look at him, his eyes were dark with desire, he lowered his head and sealed her lips with his.

He kissed her passionately and aggressively but Mercia loved it. She loved everything about him, he was his mate and wanted nothing more than to say in his arms forever. “That is for making me wait so long.” Before she could say anything he kissed her again, this time it was soft and sweet “ This is for accepting me as your mate” Mercia blushed hiding her face in his chest.

He took off her nighties exposing her perky breasts “Beautiful!” he commented and kissed her again going down to her belly all the way to her inner thighs. “You don’t have to do that.” She said in a voice she didn’t even recognise. “Just lay back and relax sweetheart. Let me take care of you.” She closed her eyes and laid back allowing him to do as he pleased.

He kissed her inner thighs and when he got to her lady parts he blow air on it making her shiver. She has never been with a man before and never thought such things happened. Yes she heard about it from her friend Lucia but she never thought it was this good.

She didn’t know what to do with herself as her moans got louder and louder as Carl licked and sucked on her lady parts. She was moaning with a voice she didn’t even know she had, moving her hips to Carls rhythm not wanting him to stop. She left her walls tighten and she moaned loudly as he pinched her clit making her come undone.

He lifted her face and watched ride the wave of pleasure with her legs trembling, her hands holding the bedsheets tight. “So fucking beautiful!” he said and crawled up to her just as she was calming down from her high. He kissed her hard shoving his tongue in her mouth, she kissed him back with just as much passion with their tongues fighting for dominance.

Of course she lost the fight, just as she was losing her breath Carl pulled out and went for her neck kissing the part where his mark would be making her moan softly. His teeth grazed her flesh making her shiver in delight. “Carl please” she didn’t know what she was pleading for but that was what came out of her mouth.

“Tell me what you want sweetheart” he said in a deep hasky voice, he was hard as rock and she could feel him pocking her tummy. “Make me yours Carl, mark me.” She said breathlessly “It will be my pleasure love.” He kissed her hard on the spot then his canines extracted then sunk his teeth on the soft tissue on her neck making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Suddenly she wanted more. “Make love to me Carl please.” She cried out “I would love nothing more than to go all the way but we can’t

betray them like that. We have already done enough.” Said Carl.

Sealing his mark as he spoke, he lifted his head and admired it. He was happy and satisfied. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” she asked her softly. “Loved and happy” she answered truthfully. “Well I do love you, get some sleep we will have some explaining to do in the morning.” She smiled closing her eyes to sleep while she laid on his chest.

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