Chapter 3 - The wild princess

6 months earlier -

The kingdom of Shambala had a peculiar climate. It had snow-covered mountain peaks, vast grasslands, thick woodlands, and a perfectly sunny coastline.

It shared its border with the Vatsaya kingdom in the west, Karoliya in the North, and Anatolia in the east. The south side had the sea. Shambala had important seaports and it was on an incredibly significant trade route. Ships from various places regularly docked at Shambala adding to its prosperity. 

Some people said it was because of the power of mother goddess Aditi that made Shambala so tranquil and prosperous. Her mysterious source lay somewhere in Shambala.

The palace in the capital city of Kushan was in an uproar. 

Queen Kalita was agitated. The first of the suitor princes was supposed to arrive shortly. It was the tradition in Shambala and several other kingdoms that when a princess had too many suitors or she had not chosen anyone on her own. A svyamvar was organized, were princes or kings from various nations participated to vie for her hand.

Princess Revati was 21 and as any responsible father King Sachihero had organized for the svyamvar for his elder daughter.

Revati was as beautiful as the moon. She had pale skin, blue eyes, and a cascading waterfall of golden curly hair that fell to her waist. She was skilled in painting, music, and other art.

"Oh, dear! Who has placed this jar of pink flowers here?" Queen Kalita fretted as she examined the arrangements. The palace and the guest quarters were decorated to the hilt.

"Lady Maria are both princesses ready?" She asked the royal governess Maria.

"Princess Revati is ready my lady but...."

"But? " 

"I am unable to locate princess Toshani, my lady," Maria replied helplessly.

Queen Kalita pressed her lips as if trying to suppress her anger.

"Find her!" She commanded.

When she commanded "find her" for Toshani it meant the palace guards, and servants would have to drag a kicking and screaming Toshani from usually a tree, or from among the wild animals of the forest.

From the barracks where Toshani would be dueling or competing with some soldier, or sometimes even from the royal husbandry where she would be assisting a cow or a horse in labor.

It usually led to the princess getting reprimed by her mother.

Her father never made her feel that she should refrain from such things for being born a girl -Though Queen Kalita constantly fretted that Toshani would not attract appropriate suitors because she spent most of her free time climbing trees, swimming in the lakes, and hunting wild boar.

Often queen Kalita would sigh as Toshani come back from a hunt mud-smeared and scratched bloody, but her father would just chuckle and return to his advisors discussing the matters of the state.

"Your majesty the princess!" Maria commented as Toshani walked in carrying some dead wild rabbits.

Toshani herself was covered in twigs and leaves which fell in a random pattern leaving a trail of muddy footprints and twigs on the purple royal carpet.

"TOSHANI!" Kalita's voice boomed.

Toshani stopped in her track and gave a weak smile at her mother. She did not expect to run into her right now. She had assumed her mother would be in the court session with her father unless....

"Damm it! I knew I was forgetting something" Toshani thought.

"Those wretched princes are supposed to arrive today! " She suddenly recalled.

"Mother will kill me now." She thought morosely.

"What did I say Toshani? What were you supposed to do today?" Queen Kalita said in a cool calm voice.

Toshani's blood froze when her mother was cool and calm it was worse.

"I.....I am sorry mother." Toshani said weakly her violet eyes trying to look as innocent as possible.

Toshani was as beautiful as Revati. Some would say she would look more beautiful with her dark hair, and violet eyes if she took efforts to groom herself. She was reckless about her appearance unless one of her maids forced her into a nice dress and brushed her dark curls into some respectable hairdo.

 "Go to your room and you are not coming out unless you are decent." Her mother commanded.

"Sure, mother but can I have rabbit stew for lunch?" Toshani grinned holding up the 2 dead rabbits in her hand.

"You are not getting any food until you do as I say. Do you understand?" Kalita replied sternly.

Toshani made a face and looked like she was about to throw a royal tantrum when King Sachihero walked in along with some advisors.

He gave one look at the scene in front of him and smirked.

"Ah! I smell rabbit stew" he commented as he joined Queen Kalita.

"Look what your daughter has done," Kalita replied while the servants cowered in fear. They had already started scrubbing away the mud stains, and twigs from the floor.

"Well, she has hunted some good plump rabbits." He grinned at Toshani.

Toshani gave back a mischievous smile.

"You have spoiled her. We are going to face hell while looking for a suitable match for her." Queen Kalita lamented.

"Nonsense! All princes would be vying for her attention. You will see." King replied while smiling at Toshani.

Toshani beamed.

"Your majesty the entourage from the Kingdom of Lorna has arrived." One of the guards announced.

"Oh no! Clear this mess up quickly. Your majesty we must leave to welcome them." Kalita said.

"Oh yes! Please let us proceed." 

King winked at Toshani and whispered in her ear.


She grinned at her father and ran towards her room. She was planning to remain there to escape her mother's prying eyes. She also heaved a sigh of relief. She was not interested in welcoming any of those obnoxious princes and wondered why did Revati put up with them

But then Revati was the perfect one while Toshani was wild. Revati preferred to paint and read while Toshani ran wild in the woods. Both sisters had opposite personalities nevertheless they loved each other dearly.

Toshani had just reached her room and she proceeded on to remove her muddy boots, breeches, her bow, and arrow hastily.

 Her maids scrambled to pick them after her.

She had already stripped naked by the time she reached the bathroom. Her sensible maid had prepared the warm bath for her just as she liked.

The lotus-shaped birthmark in her lower back glowed faintly but she did not realize it. She had a series of faint birthmarks almost unnoticeable to a normal person unless someone looked carefully.

They were placed strategically where the body chakra resides.

No one knew what they meant. 

To be continued...

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