They were on a vacation and he just couldn't fuck his wife. Excellent. It wasn't a vacation for him. It was a fucking torture, and Chloe...

Damn Chloe was a full time tease. She left no stone unturned to seduce or rile him up so badly that every fucking time he was left with blue balls. She might kill him.

Few days has passed and he couldn't wait to get her under him on the bed so he could fuck all the wait and his frustration out on her.

"Ayla go to daddy." Chloe said teasingly as she handed Ayla to him. They were at the beach recently. Lucas and Chase were in the water with Shawn and a lifeguard that Andrew hired for time being for the safety of his sons as they played in the water. Susie was also with the kids and Shawn.

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Wendy N David Barrett
Awesome story!
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Mehenaj Mobarak Sa
A really lovely book gonna miss our Andrew and Chloe <3 :")
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ayisha ansari
I'm in love with this book I'm gonna don't know how many times .........
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