Mafia Psycho
Mafia Psycho


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Today was one hell of a hectic day. I'm so tired that I just want to lay on my bed. Oh, My sweet, soft bed. I'm coming.

I was on my way home and it was 9 o'clock at night. There were not many people around. I was thinking what my mother would have made for dinner, cause I'm starving. Food is my life. Oh, I hope she made chicken.

"AHHH." A scream escaped my lips. 

I bumped into a wall and fell down. My butt hurts like hell. When I opened my eyes I saw brown timberland boots. Oh! God. It's not a wall but a man. Damn it!

I slowly craned my neck up to see the person, and a low gasp left my mouth seeing the guy. He was strikingly handsome. Tall, muscular built, silky, smooth, black hair falling on his forehead. He was wearing ripped black jeans and a black leather jacket.

But when my eyes met his, I froze because his irises were black completely black, pitch dark, or maybe the darkest shade of brown. His face was expressionless. And the intensity by which he was looking at me was so intense that it made me glued to my spot. Somehow, I got dangerous vibes from him.

Then he looked at someone behind me, and he passed by me. That's when I got out of my trance and stood up. I straighten myself up. And turned around but to my astonishment, he was nowhere to be seen. Strange, he didn't even say sorry, creepy weirdo! 

When I reached home, Mom greeted me and asked me about my day. Dad joined us at the table, I told them everything about my day, except that I bumped into a weirdo. After, dinner. I went to my room and drifted into a deep slumber.

As usual, the next day I went to school after that to work. When I was coming back from work, it was like someone was staring at me all the time. But I didn't see anyone. I ignored that feeling and went home.

It's been three months, and I felt weird every time I went out as if someone was staring at me or following me. But I didn't find anyone when I searched for the source. I ignored it every time but I know someone is watching me all the time. And it gives me a fright.

First I thought of telling my parents, but they will be worried and won't let me work. But I wanted to work for my own experience. I only have mom and dad, they are my only family, I don't want them to be sad. So I ignored the idea of telling them about this.

This weekend, Lisa texted me for a meetup tomorrow because it's a holiday and I haven't met my friends for a few days.

I met them at the cafe and we enjoyed our meet up. Talked about all the stuff and gossip. We enjoyed it a lot. After, bidding bye to everyone. On my way home, I got a text from mom.

"Honey, come home it's late."  

When I was about to reply, I felt a hand on my mouth, I tried to struggle but that person was holding a cloth to my mouth, and when I sniffed something, everything became blurry, and I went unconscious.

When I woke up my eyes felt heavy. I tried to move but my movements were restrained. I couldn't move my hands and legs. They were tied with a rope. I panicked and opened my eyes, adjusting to the surroundings, which seemed to be unfamiliar. Then all the memories of what happened came like a roller coaster in my head. I remembered what happened. I looked around and there was no one in the room. Everything was quite luxurious. 

Then suddenly the door opened and in came the guy, who looked familiar as if I've seen him before, but when my eyes met his, a chill ran down my spine and I gulped. He was the same guy who bumped into me in the alley. How can I forget those pitch-black eyes?

That man came closer and sat on the bed and tried to touch my cheeks but I moved back. His eyes were scary, I was scared of him. He can also feel that, And he smirked. Which made him look like a handsome devil. He didn't say anything. Just kept staring at me with his scrutinising gaze. It was like his stare was piercing through my soul. Then with all the courage, I asked. All in one breath.

"Who are y-you? Where am I? What do you want? Let me go!" Chloe asked, panicked. 

He gave me an amused look and smirked. What's with him and all the smirking?

"W-what?" She stuttered. 

He then started coming closer. I backed up a little. He then leaned in closer than I liked and whispered in my ear, while licking my earlobe.

"You are Mine." He rasped, making her heart freeze.

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Priscilla Jansen
you know what! you have this long sing song about you being original in this introduction and everything coming out of your own brain.. but the familiarity in this book and I'm sure I read this before its to way clear..please try and be really original its annoying.I cant believe Goodnovel allowing
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Makhosazana Rebecca Mazibuko
interesting story line
goodnovel comment avatar
A lot of time jumps for one chapter - makes it hard for the story to develop and for the reader to really get pulled into the story

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