A sudden thought of running came in my mind. I looked around the room and saw a window. I went towards it and tried to open it . But it was locked. I tried to open it with my hairpin like in the movies I've seen but it wasn't working. I went to the washroom and there was a window at the corner, which was open and I can pass through that easily...

I went down from the window with the help of bed sheets which I tied together and with the help of it, I made it to the ground. I removed the dust from my clothes. And looked up on the upper floor and saw...... ANDREW.....

He was on the upper floor looking at me intensely. My heart stopped beating with the terror of the consequences. His expressions were telling me to stop but instead I ran as fast as I could I don't know where I am. Where I'm going but I ran like my life depends on it. Which, really depends.

I hear door being slammed and loud thudding sounds at my back while running. But the next thing I knew I was in air.

Strong muscular arms wrapped around my waist, and my back collided with his hard chest. I was struggling in his hold. But he only tightens his grip on me. And he seethed near my ear. His breath fanning my neck. Sending shivers to my body.

"You'll regret this." Andrew growled inhumanly making her heart to stop beating.

His words held a promise which scared me to no limits. I started struggling hard in his hold.

"let go!" Chloe cried out in utter fear and terror.

Instead, He roughly put me on his shoulder. Like a rag doll. And started walking back in the direction of the house. I was screaming and hitting his back with all my might but it was of no use. I noticed there were all woods over the place nothing could be seen at all. Just the sound of the dried leaves being crushed under his boots. I was continuously hitting him. But he didn't even budge, then I bit him hard on his shoulder.
He growled in pain.

Andrew: YOU!!

I didn't realize we were already in the house. He was walking up stairs. He opened one of the door and just threw me on the floor of the unknown room. I growled in pain. He locked the door and started taking predatory steps towards me. I backed away. But he held my upper arm tightly and pulled me up facing him. His pitch black eyes were raging with anger. And he shouted on my face.

"Why didn't you listen to me!" He roared angrily.

He jerked me by holding my shoulders tightly. And with all courage I could gather up, I spoke.

"W-why should I listen to y-you. Just l-let me go. And I won't tell anyone." I muttered with much difficulty and mustered up courage.

I was scared of him he was staring at me intently and the next moment he chuckled evilly.

And the way he spoke the next words dripping with venom made me to tremble fear.

"Let you go! Never, it will never happen. I'll take my revenge by using you. You are my key." He mused making her scared and confused.

What the hell he's saying? Suddenly he held my waist and pulled me closer. I stared at him with wide eyes and put my hands on his chest to keep distance. I was biting my lower lip to keep myself from crying. He put his thumb on my lip and released it from my teeth.

"Don't bite them leave it for me." He grumbled making my eyes widened. 

I jerked away after hearing his shameful words. But no use he was holding me firmly. His hand then moved towards my neck. And it was going towards my cleavage. But I shouted.

Chloe shrieked out. "LET GO! YOU BASTARD!!!"

His eyes became darker if that was possible, and he instantly pulled my hair hard. Making me to face him up. He was pulling so hard on my hair that my scalp was burning. I prevented my self from crying by biting my inner cheek. He pulled harder.

"I'll make you my whore!" Andrew roared.

My eyes went wide on hearing this he didn't even let me speak and through me on the bed. My face first hitting the bed. I didn't even get time to react he pulled me by my ankle towards him and start hovering over me. I pushed his chest hard, but he held both my wrist on the side of my head. And he leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face to the side and his lips landed on my cheek which trailed down to my neck. I started struggling and was crying loudly now.

My cries and struggling has no effect on him. He bit my neck hard sucking and nibbling on it with his teeth, I let out a shriek of horror. I was trembling like a leaf in the hold of the beast. All I felt was fear towards him.

I cried out in horror. "Please let m-me go.... L-let go."

I tried once again. But he growled in anger. Making me shut my eyes in fear.

Andrew growled. "Stop struggling!!"

I felt him leaving my wrists. I saw he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. My hands were free, so I pushed him hard, it only increased his anger he didn't even budge and hold my both wrists with his one hand above my head. And with his other hand he started ripping my shirt off. I cried out loud.

"N-NO!!! Please d-don't. No, no, no please... Let g-go...." I begged him but it fell on deaf ears.

I was crying horribly, but he didn't even listened, his eyes were dark and red in anger, he looked ready to kill, and he ripped the upper buttons of my shirt till the stomach. Leaving me in my bra. I was screaming now. Begging him to stop... But he wasn't listening he started kissing and biting all over my neck and collarbone.

I wasn't able to scream anymore my throat became dry and rough and my head start spinning I felt dizziness. And I drifted in to darkness, just praying to wakeup in heaven and not this hell.

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Dia Thao
Is this in**
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Dia Thao
Is this I. First person point of view or third person point of view. I have to re-read some of the lines to make sense.
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it is extremely annoying

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