"Because of this stunt of yours. We will marry tomorrow." Andrew stated.

I stared at him with fear all over my face. This can't happen. He can't ruin my life. And I stared at him pleading with tears in my eyes.

But he just moves away from me he picked the file from the floor which was dropped by me when he slammed me on the desk.

With that he left the room .leaving me there alone in my misery.

I tried to stand straight but fell on floor due to piercing pain at my back.

I touched my back and I saw blood covering my whole hand, and I was just staring at my bloodied hand and was feeling numb.

Suddenly someone came running into the room and a gasp left from that persons mouth.

I felt someone kneeling down and touching my face to make me look at that person.

And I saw a worried face of Jess. She didn't utter a word and looked at me with pity. Well what else she can do. She can't go against that monster.

She helped me stood up and took me to his room. And luckily he wasn't there.

She made me sat on the couch. My back pain was unbearable I could feel some liquid flowing down at my lower back.

Jess went somewhere I don't know and immediately came back with a first aid kit.

She sat next to me and started cutting my shirt from the back from where I was bleeding. I gasped by the cold touch of scissors at my back.

And she stopped immediately as if thinking that she hurt me.

"Lock the door p-please." She pleaded.

She sighed but nodded and locked the door and cut the shirt so it can be removed.

She gasped at my wound and said.

"Your cut is very deep it will take a month to heel and it needs stitches. With what did he hit you." She exclaimed shocked.

There was a lot of concern in her voice. But I kept quit.

After cleaning all the blood she told me to bear the pain because she was going to stitch my cut now.

And she started when first the needle pierced my skin. I screamed it was so painful. Each time the needle pierced me I screamed with pain. While, clutching the mattress of the couch.

And finally she stopped and I breathed heavily. She applied some ointment on the wound. And on my arm also which I didn't notice had a bruise now.

"It's okay. You will be fine." Jess spoke.

She gave me a weak smile. And I just nod.

"How did you know to stitch the cut?" I asked.

She stared at me for a while as if thinking of an answer.

"I often do it . It is one of my duties." Jess said.

I frowned.but nod any way.

"Go freshen up. I'll be back." Jess told me.

With that she left the room. And with so much difficulty I went to bathroom, freshened up.

I saw my reflection in the mirror and my eyes, were red due to crying my face pale, arm with dark bruises. And I turned a little to see the wound and my eyes widen it was of at least 6 inches dark purple from the sides and lots of stitches were there.

A small tear left my eye but I wiped it away.

I wore the pajamas and dress shirt without wearing a bra.

 sometime Jess came back with chicken soup . I didn't have any appetite.

But she made me drink it, so I can eat pain killers. After having pain killers. She was about to left when I asked her.

"Where is he?" I asked sotly.

"He left, I don't know where. After he woke me up and send me on the restricted floor to get you." Jess informed.

"Restricted?" I asked confused.

"No one is allowed to go there." Jess said.

I didn't bother to ask why because I already got the little glimpse of what's in there.

She gave me a weak smile and left. I stood up wincing and locked the door. 
I lay down on the bed on my front so my wound won't get hurt.

I gave my self a talk that whatever happens I will not marry him.

I'll do everything as he wanted but at the time of acceptance I will deny him, and he won't be able to do anything in front of the guests.

With this little plan of mine I drifted into deep Slumber.

I woke up by the knock on the door. And stood up immediately by wincing due to pain.

I heard jess calling me through the door. I felt relief and I opened the door.

"Hurry up girl. Today is your wedding go take shower. The beautician will be here to make you ready. Go hurry up." She spoke hurriedly

I nodded and took shower with much difficulty because of my wound and ate breakfast which Jess left for me on the couch.

The beautician came and made me ready. When they were done I looked at my self in the mirror, and I was looking gorgeous.

I didn't do much makeup at all on daily basis. But today in makeup I was looking stunning.

I asked one of the girls for phone so that I can talk to my friend for letting out nervousness, and she gave me her phone happily.

So I excused my self and called my father, and he picked up immediately.

"Hello." Dad's voice came.

"D-Dad." My voice cracked.

My voice broke.

"Chloe where are you? Are you OK?" Dad asked.

His voice was filled with concern.

"Dad help me. A guy kidnapped me, and he is forcefully marrying me today. Please trace this number and come to that location. Please save me Dad." I whispered.

A knock on the door startled me I immediately cut the call and gave it back to the girl.

All the time I talked like whispering with my dad so the girls won't here me.

Jess came in and complemented me of how beautiful I looked I thanked her. And asked the beautician to attend my marriage ceremony they were hesitant at first but agreed. Because I told them if I cried, so I would be needing them to fix my makeup.

I was happy that now dad will locate the location of phone because that girl was also coming . I will be free.

The girls left me. I was feeling so pathetic. It could have been the best day only if the person whom I'm marrying loves me.

But this monster hates me and I hate him much fewer more hours and I'll be free.

 we reached the place. It was beautiful. I entered with Jess by my side. The beautician were standing near the stage and all seats were empty no guests. And I paled. Few boys in tux were standing near the stage. One was looking quite familiar. And all of them were handsome.

The decoration was amazing at the back was a beautiful lake .

Then my eyes landed on him! He was looking at me with his intense stare up and down. He was wearing a tux. And looking handsome monster.

Jess led me to the stage and made me stand in front of him. I kept my eyes down not bothering to look at him in the eyes.

Inside my head I was desperately waiting for my father to come and save me.

The priest started and then asked me if I accept Andrew Williams as my husband.

I kept quiet.

The priest asked again. I still kept quiet.

Andrew roughly hold my upper arm and pulled me towards himself I winced in pain. He glared at me as if warning me to deny him.

A screeching sound of car came to my ears and I looked him in the eyes and said

"I don't accept him as my husband." I spoke.

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