Chapter 84.

"What is Victor doing here Ai? Arnold? I mean, how did you came across him?"

"By chance mum. Please move forward." I demonstrated with my hand like he knew not what that meant.

Brad moved forward with his dad reluctantly.

"After everything he did to our family. I almost lost Arnold because of his wicked act. I almost lost my own life. You wouldn't have been here if not for God Ai because both of us would have been dead by now all because of him. So what is he doing here? Why are you here?" Mum raised her voice higher at him.

"I am aware everything I did in the past could cost your life and I still kept doing it out of my own selfish motives even after I had a son already." He said lowly.

I never knew the cold hearted man I met yesterday could be pitiful.

"What! You had a son during those times?"

"Yes, I impregnated a lady during my NYSC. I told her to go abort th

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