Ancestor, Please Let Me Go
Ancestor, Please Let Me Go
Author: Aine

Chapter 1 The Complain

China, Ming City

Mu Enterprises

The Chairman's Office

A 50-year-old man was sitting behind the desk. His features were handsome with a few signs of aging. Those wrinkles added to his charm and masculinity, but the masculine old man was frowning.

The door of the office was knocked and another middle-aged man entered the office.

"Sir, Miss Ji is here. Should I let her in" Secretary Yin asked cautiously. He kept examining Chairman Mu's expressions.

The more he looked at him, the more he felt that he is a formidable man. Secretary Yin had worked with him for 20 years but he had never seen him with such a dark face.

Today was the first time when Mu linghao believed that his son was a disgrace.

"Bring her in" he ordered. Secretary Yin nodded and proceeded to leave.

"Wait, address her as Mrs. Mu from now on" he added. Secretary Yin didn't get the chance to turn around. He was so shocked that he bumped into the door.

Mu Linghao sighed at his assistant's reaction as massaged his temples. He knew, that giving her the title of Mrs. Mu would still not be enough to make up for the injustice done to the little girl.

His disgraceful son captured the assassin that came to kill him and imprisoned her at the seaside palace.

The one who he referred to as the little girl was Ji AnLing. The famous Blue rose who not only failed in outsmarting his son but also failed in protecting herself from him.

Mu Linghao sighed again and opened a file that has been placed in front of him for a long time. He opened it and looked at the title of the contract. It was a divorce contract.

He closed the file again. His heart was filled with guilt and disappointment as he closed his eyes and tried to rest a bit.

Only he and his wife knew how much sleep he had lost ever since she called him.

The door was knocked. He didn't open his eyes and callously replied "Come in".

The door opened and a 18-year-old girl entered the office. The girl had jet black shoulder-length hair, her eyes were big and round, black as if they reflected the darkness of the night sky. She was clad in a black-draped top with a black blazer over her shoulders paired with blue skinny jeans and black heels that completed her outfit.

When Mu Linghao looked at her, he thought he was dreaming. It was the same girl they saved all those years ago. He blinked several times before regaining his composure. All the initial guilt he felt towards her disappeared, he felt as if he had regained his soul.

Ji Anling looked at Mu linghao's reaction and thought 'not again'. She didn't even know  Mu Zeyan but upon seeing her his family acted as if they found her long lost daughter back. Even Secretary Yin had the same reaction. At some point, she even thought if this family was filled with lunatics. But if she was their long lost daughter, would they allow her son to almost rape her?

That would be incest. Mu Linghao pointed at the couch and indicated her to sit. He picked up a file and went over to her. When he stood up Ji Anling examined him and realized that the people in this family were super long. Mu Linghao was 1.90 meters tall and his body was perfect despite being in on his years.

Ji Anling, who was only 1.53 meters tall and with those 3-inch heels she looked like 1.55 meters tall cursed herself inwardly, and felt that being short was truly a sin. She already had an inferiority complex about her height but now she really wanted to drown in a river.

Mu Linghao sat in front of her and placed the file on the table. She looked at the file and then at the french windows of the office. Finally, she looked at Mu Linghao, her eyes filled with hatred. By looking at her, Mu Linghao already understood that she was pissed way beyond her limits. He needed to provide her an outlet to let out some steam.

He pointed at the file and asked her to open it. But before she could take it he dragged the file towards him.

Ji AnLing looked at him with a weird gaze. She flashed a mocking smile as she understood his intentions.

" You really want to hear the whole story, its going takes up a lot of time. Have you thought about what will happen if your son found us?" she spoke in her sweet mellow voice.

"I don't know about you, but he will definitely kill me" she leaned against the couch making herself at home. Seeing her mannerisms Mu Linghao thought that she had really grown up. When they first met she didn't even have the courage to raise her head but now this girl is threatening him.

"My son does not have the heart to kill you. He could even fight with me for your sake" he emphasized in an attempt to cool her down.

But his words hit her sore spot.

Suddenly she stood up and banged the with her fist. She inched towards him with gritted teeth and spat out these words "I spit at his love. A man who takes away my freedom in the name of love is not even worthy of polishing my shoes. Mistakes are committed once and I won't make the same mistake".

Mu Linghao was surprised at her outburst and glanced towards her trembling shoulders. She was really enraged. A question went through his mind, what did that boy do to her?

She inhaled deeply and patted her heaving chest to calm herself down. She looked at him with a solemn gaze and apologized to him.

"But those were my heartfelt words" she added. He really didn't know what to do.

" I can't understand your feelings but I can at least sympathize with you," he said to her.

This time, she sighed. Mu Linghao asked her cautiously "You really don't remember us?"

She was really annoyed by this question. She violently shook her head. It was so fast that it felt dizzy.

"I will tell you the story, but after that, you will help. Deal" she suggested.

"Deal" he replied enthusiastically.

She looked around to check her surroundings. After ensuring the clarity of her surroundings she inched forward, extended her index finger, and gestured him to lean forward. He leaned towards her.

This all started in ...

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