Growing Pains
Growing Pains
Author: Luna



"Karen", Adrian called from down the stairs. "I'm here, it's time to play in the pool".

"I'll be there Adrie. Just give me 5 minutes", Karen called back.

"Okay", Adrian said and went to sit. The Bayler's house was large but not as large as the Kendall's.

Adrian Kendall, the daughter of a successful businessman, was waiting for her best friend, Karen Bayler because it was time for them to play as usual. The six years old girls do everything together. Even though Karen's Parents are not as rich as Adrian's, the two get along well.

"Adrian", Karen called running down and she hugged her best friend.

"Let's go Karen. I don't want you to be late before you get back, you know your Dad will be mad if you come home late."

"It's true, let's go", Karen said and waved to her Mum who was coming over to the sitting room. "Bye Mum, I'll be back soon."

"Okay baby and don't stain that dress. It costs a fortune", her Mum warned.

"Okay Mum", Karen said and held Adrian's hand. 

The two girls ran happily carrying Karen's bag which contained her swimming suit. Even though Adrian can't swim, she still goes to the pool with her best friend.

"Where is your necklace?", Adrian asked.

"Oh! I forget to put it on. It's in my bag you know I can't put it on at home because my dad will ask where I got it from and he will punish me."

"I know but don't misplace our symbol of friendship", Adrian said pouting.

"I won't", Karen said and took the necklace from her bad and put it on.

"Let's click our necklaces together", Adrian told her.

"Yes", the later replied and they click the necklaces together.

"Best friends forever?", Adrian said

"Best friends forever."

They got to the door and the driver opened the door for them, the car belonging to Adrian's father. The driver drove them to the Kendall's house. The girls opened the door and ran happily to Adrian's room. The girls changed and were about leaving the room when the door opened and Aiden, Adrian's twin brother entered the room.

"Aid, you don't just enter a girl's room without knocking, that's rude", Adrian said glaring at her brother.

"I'm sorry, kiddo. I just wanted to ask for your shampoo, I ran out of mine and I didn't know until now."

"You should have at least knocked", Adrian said and went to the bathroom to get the Shampoo.

"Hey Karen, how are you?", Aiden greeted.

"I'm fine. How are you?", Karen replied shyly.

"I'm fine too", he said and winked at her.

 The later just smiled in response.

"Here you go", Adrian gave the shampoo to him.

"Thanks kiddo", he said and left.

"Can't he just stop calling me kiddo?", Adrian said.

"He just like teasing you, you know?", Karen replied.

"But it's annoying."

"Just leave him and let's go to the pool already. I can't wait to swim."

"Okay", the two girls held each other and went to the pool.

Karen is the swimmer between the two. Adrian can't swim but she is willing to learn. Karen ran to the pool and started swimming while Adrian just stood watching her best friend.

Adrian was enjoying the scene in front of her and suddenly Karen was struggling in the pool.

"Help me Adrie...Help." Adrian was shocked and since she couldn't swim, she ran out to get help. At first, she didn't see anyone around and she continued running. 

She saw a bodyguard. "Save my friend please...Save her", she shouted to the bodyguard. The bodyguard followed her to the pool side, got into the pool and brought out Karen. He gave her the mouth-to-mouth respiration but she didn't budge.

The ambulance arrived and Karen was carried to the hospital but she didn't make it. Karen Bayler DIED.

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