Zainab woke up and felt two strong arms holding her. That was when she remembered that she slept in Ismail's room. Together. In the same bed. She has the strong urge to pee but she just couldn't get up as she was afraid that she will wake Ismail too. She can hold it for a little while.

She stared at his face and wondered how someone can look so gorgeous while sleeping, without even trying. And let's not get started with his hair. She wondered whether his a half cast and didn't tell her, because there's no way a Nigerian man can have such a glistening and curly hair that always fall over his eyes, casting a dark shadow on his face.

And then she gently touched his hair, her eyes never leaving his face. To think that she had hated this man? Who was she kidding. She blushed when she recalled last night's events...

Tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes as he uttered those last words. Was this really Ismail? 


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