[ Chapter 5 ]

[ Chapter 5: Reunion ]

Then Leah raised her head and faces him.

: Are you real...?

Leah muttered.

Then Leah ran to him without hesitation.

: Ah!

The man shrieked from this sudden change.

Leah hugged this man.

: Who are you?

: Why are you hugging me?

That man asked his mind.

: Uhmm...

This time the man tried to moved away from her. However, it was too tight.

This man was ashamed of this situation.

: Who are you?

That man asked her.

When the man looked at her, her eyes ran red. Tears run down on her cheeks.

: What did I do?

He asked himself.

: Did you hurt from that fall?

He asked her again.

But Leah did not make any noise except her weeping eyes. He got no response. He can only see her crying in his chest.

But his uniform is getting wet.

: This...

He muttered and made a face. He wore a disgusting look.

: Ah!

He shrieked and suddenly pushed her back. He remembered something.

: Where is she?

He asked himself.

He looked back and forth but he did not see it again.

The timing is right, a bus stopped. He ran away.

Leah who stood there with her eyes beat in red and sadly asks herself.

: His eyes and his hair.

: It's him!

: I know it was him, because he has two marks on his neck like a half clover leaf.

: It was portrayed in novel. My eyes can’t lie this time.

Leah thought this out. Her mind couldn't handle how did he appeared twice.

Leah sat on the cemented chair at [bus stop]. Then she continued her cries.

Leah was crying in a rain-blocked station. She sat on and wiped her tears.

: Sniff, sorry.

: I can't stop it. You just made me cry. I want to see you, but...sniff, and hug you badly.

Leah cried and sniffed until the rain stopped.

Then another bus stopped.

: Miss?

Someone called her.

: Uh...

Leah shrieked and looked up.

: Are you going in on not?

That man asked her. Actually, it was a driver.

: Thank you.

Leah replied back to the driver. Then Leah stood up and ran inside the bus.

It was a yellow bus with a big name on both sides.


[EAST NISU] can be found 2 kilometers away from Leah’s home, Incheon town. [EAST NISU] or Eastern NISU, founded in Eastern Seoul, it consist of 28 buildings lesser than the main campus [NORTH NISU]. The campus comprises of 1000+ students and 100+ staffs and teachers.]

The bus is not that full. Leah sat there beside the window. She was hoping to see him again.

After 15 minutes the bus stopped.

Leah went out of the bus before paying. Then Leah looked at her school.

Leah smiled. She looked up and saw it.

[Northern Ishin State University]

The bold name [NISU] was written there, on the upper corner of the gate.

[It was a glorious.]

[NISU] was Leah's second home.

: I miss them.

Leah said and smiled. Then she marched forward.

Afar from her view four figures waved their hands. They were shouting and calling her name.

: Leah!

: Leah!

: Leah!

That called her for many times. However, it was 40 meters away from her.

Those figures ran at her.

: Leah!

They called her again.

Leah with a smile hugged each of these figures. It was her friends, Leah and the girls.

From left to right is Ji Min-hye, Soo Ole, Shin Na-mi, and Gu Hae-yan.

They are Leah's best friends.

[Her soul mates]

[Min-hye Ji]

Age: 20

Height: 5’7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

[Ole Soo]

Age: 20

Height: 5’4

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

[Nami Shin]

Age: 20

Height: 5’7

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Purple

[Hae-yan Gu]

Age: 20

Height: 5’6

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Leah looked at them with beat eyes after the hugging and kissing.

: Gu, Ji,Soo, and Shin.

: I missed you girls!

Leah said happily. She really missed her friends.

These four girls also smiled at Leah.

: We missed you too, Leah.

They said consecutively. They missed her too.

Then these five girls walked together. They are going to their own department, the school of Education Department.

[School of Education Department]

[NISU] is divided into different departments, and one of them is [School of Education]. The home of moulders, teachers, and future aspiring teachers. Every department has their own building. The [School of Education Department] goal is to produce a successful individual.]

While on their way they talked about each other and laughed.

[Friends really...]

The building which their department is grounded has 16 rooms. 8 at first floor and the latter are 8 floors also.

Then together they ran upstairs. When they reached the second floor they stopped the fun and walked normally.

Among the 8 classrooms one of these are them, their own classroom. They walked at the 3rd room and stood outside. However, they wore a sad face.

They also missed their classroom but that face held something different.

: Assignments!

They muttered in succession.

Leah is the worst among them. Leah studied a lot too but she lazily forgets about it. Leah read her very first novella in that week vacation.

And another thing that awaits them sadly is not because of their classroom again but because of their thesis which made them nuts and crazy.


[A statement, theory, essay or dissertation. It is either personal research or group research that is written by any graduate and undergraduate students. Usually for college students who are required to do a research before they graduate, for masters, business, and more.]

Upon their classroom doors, a name was printed in a wooden frame.


[A sign saying this classroom is for 3rd grade, section E. The name of the section and grade was posted at the front door.]

But atop of this bold 3-E name, in a small font’s of letters are printed.


[BEEd] or, Bachelor of Elementary Education is a four-year degree program designed or systematically made to mould students to become a primary school teacher or elementary school teachers.]

Leah, a college student who took [BEEd] or, Bachelor of Education and she were in 3rd grade, section E. Of course, it was the same as with her friends. They also took the same courses.

The 5 girls looked at each other.

: Are we going in or not?

Leah suggested.

: Of course, I'm in!

Then the 5 girls came in.

Upon their arrival, the teacher was already there. He stood in front with a mad face.

: Good morning, class!

The teacher said.

[Jonathan Gutierrez]

Age: 32

Height: 5’5

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

It was their professor. He is Jonathan Gutierrez, a Spanish bloodline. He teaches them professional education.

: I'll check the attendance first! If I call your name then tell me if you are "present!"

Professor Jonathan said in a loud voice. Then one by one he checked their attendance.

: Okay, that's it. Sit down.

Professor Jonathan said.

Then someone came in.

: Hello, Mr. Jonathan.

Someone called him. Then Prof. Jonathan turn his head at the doorway.

: Ah!

Prof. Jonathan shrieked.

: Good morning Dean!

Jonathan replied with a nervous face. He was shocked by Dean's sudden appearance.

[Gustav Park]

Age: 57

Height: 5’7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: White

It was their Dean, Dr. Gustav Park and Dean of the School of Education.

Dr. Gustav is a very strict person, in terms of attendance and uniforms. He always checked every room and his students. All of the students who saw him respected him. He wore a beard.

Prof. Jonathan simply grinned with his luck, unlucky.

: What is the purpose of coming here, our Dean?

Professor Jonathan asked pleasingly.

Dr. Gustav smiled at him.

: Don't worry, Sir. Jonathan. I am here to introduce someone.

Dr. Gustav said while caressing his beard.

: Come here...

▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 5: End ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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