[ Chapter 6 ]

▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 6: Unexpected ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Dr. Gustav smiled at him.

: Don't worry, Sir. Jonathan. I am here to introduce someone.

Dr. Gustav said while caressing his beard.

: Come here...

Dr. Gustav called.

Then a man went inside. He is wearing a yellow uniform with the NISU badge in the left corner of his chest.

He stood next to Dr. Gustav.

: Sir. Jonathan, this is...

: [Park Jin]

Dr. Gustav introduced the new student.

Among the students who are sitting there someone wore a stunned face.

[Leah Su]

Leah looked at him intently. It was unexpected, but Leah could not take her eyes off from that man.

: Jin Park!

Leah muttered in shock. This is the third time Leah saw her in person.

The Dean just smiled at Prof. Jonathan.

: Please guide him well, Sir. Jonathan.

Dr. Gustav said and walked away.

: This...

Prof. Jonathan just shrieked and smiled back to Dean but then he calmed down. He looked at the new student named, Park Jin.

: Welcome to the class, Park Jin.

Professor Jonathan said with open arms.

: Thank you.

Jin said and thanked them. He bowed down as a greeting.

: Can you introduce yourself?

Prof. Jonathan asked him.

Then Jin looked at the crowds. He didn’t find anything abnormal.

Leah who looked at him hid her face. She wanted to bore that embarrassing incident that happened before.

: Well...

Jin uttered while looking at his new classmates.

: Hello. My name is Jin Park.

Jin said as he bowed down again then raised his head. He can see his new classmates are still and unfazed.

: Hmm...

: Is there a problem with me?

Jin asked his mind.

: I guess.

Jin replied to his question.

The students were still and unfazed not because he is a new student but because he is lifeless, in short he wore a boring face. That introduction is short so that gave them an idea including their teacher.

[Because, he is not normal]

The room silenced and no one replied. However, Prof. Jonathan discovered this and he cleared his thoughts.

: So Park Jin-ah, welcome!

: Please help yourself. Find this new place like your home.

Professor Jonathan said and pleased him back. Then he grinned at his back as he understood something.

: This student is also a problem!

Prof. Jonathan thought.

Seeing that there is nothing to be afraid of Jin moved forward. He went through the first, second, third and last row and he sat down at the vacant seat.

: This...

Prof. Jonathan wore again his mad face. Just as he expected.

: Really?

Prof. Jonathan asked himself.

While Jin arranged himself, Leah gawked at him.

Leah sat at third row.

: It’s you?

Leah muttered. She can't take off her eyes to Jin. But someone stopped her running thoughts.

: Leah!

: Leah!

Someone called her name twice.

: slap

A slap sounded.

: Ouch, it hurts...

Leah said while touching her face.

: Why did you hit a friend!

Leah added while looking at the person who slapped her.

Then both of them looked at each other.

: Why are you quacking at him! Are you—

A girl that slapped her asked.

[Nami Shin]

The one who hit Leah is Shin Nami or,  simply Nami.

Nami is one of Leah’s favorite among the girls. She always makes Leah smile. It was because of her hair and eyes.


Her eyes and hair were all Leah's favourite colour, purple. Nami is also Leah seat friend and her pill friend. However, Nami didn’t like her that much, she always bore resentment.

[Hot tempered girl]

Nami is not like Leah who was spoiled by her family and friends. In short, she didn’t have it.

[Because Nami lived in frugal life]

But Nami found a friend, Leah Su. This person changed her to a new person. She is Leah third best friend, Nami Shin.

Leah looked at her face especially her purple hair.

At [NISU] Hair color is a normal thing. Anyone can change their hair color. However, Nami is different. It is a natural hair color. It was her genes.

Leah stared at her. Her attention was caught by Nami's purple hair.

: Why are you looking at me so much!

Nami called her back.

: Ah... no! I’m not!

Leah said as her consciousness returned. Then Leah organized herself and sat down properly. She looked at her other friends.

: They are laughing at me!

Leah thought. They misunderstood her why.

: Why? Why are you gawking at him, and that face?

Nami asked her again. She wanted to know why.

: I think you misunderstood something! It's not love!

Leah refuted her back.

: We? With that face... that stupid face?

Nami asked strangely.

: I—

Leah could not refuse. She can't wait to hit her back.

: Can you do something for me?

Leah asked her.

: What?

Nami replied to her.

: Can you please think positively! Not indifferently!

Leah shut her up.

: Ah!

: So you already had that in mind! Leah, did you fall that much!

Nami shouted at her too. However, it was too loud that their teacher and classmates heard it.

: Quiet!

Their professor shouted loudly. Prof. Jonathan was irritated by these students. Then he looked at Nami with a mad face.

: Ah... hee hee hee.

Nami grinned despite of being yelled by his teacher. Then she raised her right hand while standing up.

: I am sorry professor...

Nami apologized to her teacher.

: Just be quiet! Or I will add your penalties again?!!

: Okay! Okay!!

Her professor yelled at her.

: That-yes!

Nami stuttered while replying at him. Then Nami sat down with a boiling hot face.

: Ha... ha ha ha!

Leah laughed at her.

: It's your fault, Leah.

Nami thought. Then she calmed down and faced her again.

: Are you in love?

Nami asked again despite of what Leah did to her. Of course, it was her mistake to shout loudly.

: No! I am not! Absolutely a no!

Leah refused her back.

: She is denying it!

Nami thought of this. She saw Leah gawk at the new guy before. So Nami meant it was love at first sight!

: Hehe...

Nami smiled at her. She wanted to take her revenge.

: So you are keeping this by yourself, right? That's great! Count me in!

Nami just made an evil smile.

: You!

Leah boiled also. She was upset by Nami’s interpretation and misunderstanding. That also includes her other friends.

They all have the same thoughts like Nami. There is no reason why Leah for the first time made a face like that, it is once in a blue moon!

: Psst!

: Psst!

Nami called a friend.

: I have a good news!

Nami shouted secretly to her other friends.

: Here!

Nami threw a cramped of paper.

Someone at the first row caught it.

: Gu read it!

Nami called her friend named Gu.

: Ok!

Gu made thumbs up.

[Gu Hae-yan]

It was Hae-yan Gu or, simply Gu, who caught the paper. She is academic and pretty. She wore an eyeglass. Her hair is straight and dyed in black. Gu is not her name but it was her last name. Not liked Nami, Leah and Ole who was called by their first name.

[Gu is not a simple girl]

She lived secretly in the eyes of many. She didn’t like talking or anything else. In short, she is a very timid person.

However, Gu is very talented. She always bore Leah’s problem. She made the friends happy and easy-going because of her problem-solution ideas. She is Leah’s second best friend, Gu Hae-yan.

While Gu, Nami and the girls are gossiping about her. The teacher looked annoyed.

: These five girls!

Prof. Jonathan yelled in his mind.

: Ting! Ting!! Ting!!

Luckily the bell rang.

: Good!

: Class dismissed!

Prof. Jonathan shouted. He walked away with a smile.

▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 6: End ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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