[ Chapter 83 ]

[ Chapter 83 ]

“Leah?” They looked at the floor where Leah slept. She actually regained her senses. 

“Ah....” Leah painstakingly stood up on her own.

 “Wait—!” Nami and Ji run to help her.

They assisted her and pulled her up. Leah looked around and found them familiar.

“Nami... Ji? Is this you?” She asked and touched their face. 

“Yes.” Nami and Ji replied and let Leah do what she wants. 

The rest also moved beside her. Ole, Gu, and the rest stood and protected Leah. 

“Leah, can you repeat what did you say?” Nami asked her. 

“I trust him. Please...” Leah begged. 

However, Gu and Georgia we’re suspicious. They looked at Leah and ponder.


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