[ Chapter 84 ]

[ Chapter 84 ]

Leah stood beside the broken door of the tower. Near her, a friend and family walked to her.

“Brother?” She uttered.

Her brother is walking on its own. It not her brother but someone who controlled by the fake God. Now Leah had nothing to do with it. 

She’s also exhausted after staying in the tower for days. Leah will do nothing at this moment. 

“Brother!” Leah shouted his name again. Still, she doesn’t get a response from him. 

Then she runs at him. That, however, her familiar friends caught her arm.

“Georgia? Name? What are you two doing?” Did she ask them? Yet, they were also like her brother.

Yes, a puppet moving on its own. Then Leah thought of one thing. 

‘They must be controlled by someone I don’t

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