[ Chapter 87 ]

[ Chapter 87 ]

“I see you’re just pretending to be controlled by my power, are you, Lance?” Juarez asked.

Seeing him smiled, Lance yawned.

“Your still as boring Juarez…” Lance said.

“Oh… you got me, my friend. Now I know everything I think I felt not happy. It was you who burned my companion 6 years ago. I thought you were my friend. But what did you do? You burned them all not even a single soul can be found. So you’re happy that you tried to kill us at the time. Maybe my father and uncle did but why did you this to the us? Isn’t you strong enough to kill us anytime? But why did you end us when you had the chance. To change something, you let us live. You used us, Juarez!” Lance screamed over the pain of his past.

“Lance… where is your pride. As a transcendental human, I will do anything as long as I like. You see I made you the richest man and you did nothing to me. You even took my future wife and you will! I know I wasn’t been

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