(The End) Epilogue

Lance and the rest were saved. They recovered and rejoiced.

5 years later. 

Leah and her friends were already happy and living on its own.

Jin married Ole. Nami married Lewis. 

The couples had their kids already.

Georgia and Gu married a wealthy guy.

Ji also married a simple man.

And Leah...

She lives with her father and mother now.

At the big, beautiful mansion, two beautiful women were eating their food happily.

"Mom!" Leah happily called when she saw her mother.

"Yeah." Her mother replied.

Her father also joined them.

Her brother, Lance.

Sister, Anna Su.

And the two naughty nieces, Leo and Lector was already a big and handsome teen.

And they eat happily ever after.

But for him... Juarez...

He was happily living on his own also.

However, he can't change what he had done in his life.

"Maybe I need to rewrite this story again."

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