[ Chapter 1 ]

Chapter 1: Wish upon a star ]

In a purple room with decors hanging around the walls, breaching winds upon the curtains comes in, and the woman who wore a smile. [Leah Su]

Age: 20

Height: 5’6

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Leah Su, the main character of this novella. She is 20 years old, blonde and beautiful. 

Upon her desk are books, papers, a small box and a reading eyeglass. She cupped a book with her bare gentle hands. Then she tapped it with a smile.

Her very first novella [Is there a reason "why?”].

That is the title of the book. Leah purchased it online.

Her eyeglass is on the desk. Leah pats softly, opens, and put on at her blurry eyes.

Leah arranged her glasses and moved the book.


A light novel 

[Light Novel]

[A light novel or, LN which originated from Japan. It is a novel which the Japanese created. It has an average length of 50,000 words for every volume. Light novels are illustrated with an anime and manga art styles or, simply, LN does not only focus base on texts but in arts also; sketches and artworks of the characters, events, and settings, etc. are being drawn within the book. It is published online and offline. Its purpose is to catch the reader’s attention because an is easy to read and understand.]

Upon the book cover, there was a phrase with a distressing scene, A man and a woman quarrelling from each other.

Then Leah read it with heartfelt and thoughts. The excitement was revealed in her eyes.

[Sherry and Jin's unexpected love story.]


Sherry, that's her name, the woman of my life. My life has changed since I met her. I fall in love with her until I confessed my feelings to her. I didn't expect her to love me back, but she asked me “why?"

: Why do you love me?

I love her, but "why?" And so I replied.

: I loved you because you made my whole life. Remember   "why?" I changed because of you! I lived because you saved my life. It's more than a thank you! I love you! Why “why?” Why wouldn’t I fall in love with the woman who saves my life?

: Thank you!

That was her answer. Since then I have been hers and she has become mine. We have made happy memories together, bonded together, and pledged forever."

Until, she asked me, “why?”


: Is there a reason “why?” 


It roused her soul by simply reading the cover.

: I love this!

Leah exclaimed with joy.

: Leah!

Someone called her.

It was her brother named Lance.

: I'll sleep now!

Leah said with fears in her heart.

Leah is a girl who was cared for by her brother spoils. She believes, she obeys, and most of all she loves head pats.

Leah looked at the watch.

: Oh my Gosh! It was already 10!

Leah shrieked upon the time that ticks.

It is already 10 op.m Leah jumped on her soft bed with a smile.

Then Leah slept.

The next day...

Leah again in her fully decorated purple room. She cleared her desk and opened her book.


She turned it over to the next page.

[Author's Greeting]

[Thank you for your purchase. I hope you will find what true love is.]

Leah spread the page and moved on to the next part.

: Wow! 

Leah said excitedly. 

Then she continued.

[Chapter 1: Sherry]

A man in his white uniform is walking.

That youth is called Park Jin. He’s a half Korean, half Japanese bloodline. the tall youth, black-haired, black eyes, and he wore a straight face. He’s not a typical lone wolf person but he cares. What is with him is within his life. 

[Alone and uncertain]

: Gin...

Leah muttered filled with thoughts of knowing how sad Jin lived.

Lately, a yell stopped her thoughts.

: Leah!

Her brother called.

Leah looked at the clock.

: Again?!

It was already 10 op.m

: I think I'll read it tomorrow.

Leah said and jumped on her bed.

The next day...

This monotonous plays repeated until the last day. Leah finished the novel.




That is how the book ended. 

When the story was over, Leah looked unhappy.

: Why?

: Why did the writer finish the story! What's next? Will Jin find her or will Sherry come back? I want to know!

: Curse this writer! If you knew this would happen, why sell it! If I just know I wouldn't buy it…

Leah protested about the ending. She looked unhappy and down yet her desires the novella’s end was overwhelming.

Then she closed the book with a sad face. She opened the window and looked at the stars and sighed.

: It doesn't make sense... I can't believe fictional novels!

: I don't want to read a novel, but I was forced to read it because.....arghh!

Leah freed her sorrows by yelling out. Then she calmed down.

: This is the last day of our vacation.

Leah sighed.

: Comet!

Leah exclaimed.

The falling stars pass in the moonlight sky. It twinkles and brightens. Then Leah has thoughts in mind.

: I wish he will find his true love.

Leah wished upon a star.

The falling stars have passed. Then Leah looked at the night sky. 

: The stars are very lovely.

Then Leah saw a star, a constellation star.

: What kind of stars are those? They separate from each other.

Leah stared at night sky intently and focused on the brightest star.

: That star is like her, Sherry. I hate Sherry so much, but...

: Why did you do that to Park Jin! I would have chosen either of them if I were you!

: Of course, I choose both, but Sherry is really different.

: What if I was Sherry? What kind of life it would have been.

: Sherry made it really hard for Jin. I was so sad for him. He devotes his life to the woman he loves the most and asks him why?

Leah muttered sincerely.

It was her grief, sadness and patron to the love story of Sherry and Jin.

Then suddenly a distant voice reached her mind. Then text that magically appeared before her eyes.

It was a bright and brilliant.

: Ah!

Leah screamed.

Leah was startled by this sudden surprise. She wiped the air, but the text did not.

Then it brightens suddenly.


: What is this?

Leah asked herself.

She is worried about what that texts in front of her and the talking voice in her mind.

Then she tried to close her eyes. When she closed her eyes and open…

: Ah! 

Leah exclaimed.

The text was still there.

Then Leah heard another voice.





Leah looked and waited. She wanted to know something.

: Who? 

Leah asked. She answered that voice because it didn’t harm her.


That voice replied to her.

: This—

Leah couldn’t utter her next word and stop halfway. 

Of course, Leah was taken aback.

Leah didn't know what this text really is or that voice that calls her. Leah feared this thing. Upon seeing the text and the voice did not call her again she made a sound.

: Do you mean Jin?

Leah asked. She looked unfazed but her heart beats faster.


<Yes or No>

Chapter 1: End ]

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whooh I wonder what she would choose ?? but such a interesting book she can go inside and change the fate of the characters ??

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