13th November 1873

The king had his brows down, a glare in his eyes, his lips narrowed as he spoke, "Where is the heart?

I asked, where is the heart I asked for?".

Sher was looking at his feet, while his legs were trembling with fear.

The king moved closer to him and repeated his question.

"I asked where is the heart?

Is it?

Or. . ?, his eyes wide opened at the other possibility, that suddenly he yelled, "SPEAK OUT OR I'LL THROW YOUR TONGUE SLIT AWAY!".

Sher trembled as he spoke,

"We did our best sire, we did go there and did as you said.

But we didn't know, when and from where did Alpha come there".


THE SON OF THE TRAITOR!!!", he shot a glance at Hugo, who was sitting on the floor behind the bars, wearing shaggy torn clothes, his hair all grown on his face.

Hugo flinched at his name, there was a wave of unrest in him as well, he became attentive at the name of his child, wishing to know how he was a
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