13th November 1873

. . .

"Tell it to me, what is it?

What is it that is unknown to me?", the king snarled at Hugo, standing outside the bars that encaged him,

"Something is different.

This is maddening me!

When is the eye gonna come for me?

Tell it to me!

I am getting mad at the daily anticipation of the deadly future!

All at your hands!".

His face was occupied with terror as if he had been brought back from the den of death.

Hugo had his head hung, not looking up at him, his tongue was locked quiet with a wave of silence.

"I AM ORDERING YOU TO SPEAK!', the king roared at him, with terror in his voice, gritting his teeth.

"I don't know", he tersely replied, while looking into his lap.

The king scoffed at him, "The wise Hugo doesn't know?".

He laughed loudly, his voice was full of the void, an emptiness shone through him.

He looked like a mad man, who had lost everything for the s
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