14th November 1873

. . .

Murphy instantly backed off from the globe, pulling her hands back from it.

The sight of her dad asking Alpha to kill her daughter dazzled up her mind, meanwhile Alpha wanted to protect her.

She couldn't believe her eyes, it was then that she remembered his father fighting off the stallions of black and whites and in the end pleading the pearly white stallion in the battlefield.

"Was he begging him to kill him?", she gasped under her breath, though throughout she was thinking that he was begging him to spare him and asking him to let him go.

"Was it Alpha on the white stallion?

Did he kill him in the end?

Meanwhile, the black stallions tried to save him?

Were the black stallions army of the king?", her eyes protruded at what had hit her mind, a whole contrary of the story that was there, where she stood believing the opposite of it.

Suddenly her mind was hit by a similar memory when the white stallion w
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