20th March 1947

Murphy was standing in front of the backyard of a hut-like home, beautifully made with neatly carved wood.

But the flowers of the yards were withering away, the trees around were taken over by parasitic Cuscuta upon them, the backyard was giving a picture of sorrow itself.

Suddenly there was a sound of a glass breaking voice coming from the inside of the home, followed by a scream, then everything went quiet in a sudden for some seconds.

Murphy ran towards the front door, where there was a small glass pane, from where the curtains were slided opened, where she could see inside.

There stood an old man, with a long white and silvery beared, his skin was fairer just like Hugo had, his features were resembling Hugo as well, she instantly knew that was Alpha taking after his father.

He was old but his body was still strong, and active.

Showing no sign of aging, his muscles were taught enough and his face was fierce like a young lion.

There w
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