21th August 1965

Murphy's heart was racing, her eyes closed, knowing where is she gonna appear this time.

Her eyes shut tightly, she didn't have the audacity to look around to find the furious princesses by her side and a spear held to her face.


Are you here?", it was a warm voice that hit her ears, a voice that she was longing to hear.

She opened her eyes and found herself on a comfortable bed, and wrapped around in a blanket gently, where the room was lit by a fire lit on the floor, to the side there stood Sam, holding straws in his hands, which he was probably using to burn fire, to keep her warm.

He suddenly dropped the straws watching Murphy make any movement, that he screamed, "Murphy!

You are here!

My Murphy!

You have no idea how long I waited for you.

I thought I have lost you!

It's been many months that you were still!".

His eyes were full of tears as he saw her open her eyes as he sat beside her.

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