Chapter 112

Alpha Derrick's POV

‘Daddy look!!! It's mommy!!!'

Uriel screamed as soon as Lina took the podium.

It's been four good years,four freaking yes we've been together and also blessed with the most beautiful daughter I could ask for.

With the help of my mom Lina was taken care of while pregnant while i went back to school to complete my studies even though against it I just had no other choice..

She went into labor just the exact time of my birthday and luckily I by her side throughout.

It wasn't easy judging from the fact that i was panicking as she pushed Uriel out but in two hours our baby girl was ready.Almost everyone in school came to show support Serani,Trevor.Nicole,Cooper,Chase,Evan and even Chase who had been released from jail...

It was the most wonderful thing to be honest,to become a father at a young age.

So when Uriel grew up a little bit Lina went ba

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