Chapter 06

"All this is for my protection, Ronald, and I think you should respect them and calm down man... Have you forgotten that I am blind?" I said and he put me more in his arms and I Giggled a bit that he noticed but still gracefully ignored me.

"I am taking you to the beach next tomorrow but I don't know when I should come to carry you without Luna  knowing," he said to me and I smiled.

"You should just ask my mum first, cause I might not follow you anywhere," I said to him and I tried to picture the kind of face he was putting on because of what I said.

"Did I hear you're going out?" My mum says from the dining room as she walks towards where I and Ronald sat speedily.

"Don't say a word!" Ronald whispers as she walks closer towards where I and him were.

"Well, I was just telling Ella how it would have been so nice for me and her to go out and she was like no... I'm not allowed to because of my condition" Ronald says and silence followed as I kept chill.

"Well, it is not like I do not trust you, it is just that her condition makes her vulnerable to the darkness out there... If you get what I mean." she says and Ronald tightens my hand in his.

"But I am giving you full permission to take her out but not to the beach because that's where you know... All this all started and you happen to be a strong rogue that can protect her." She says to him.

I squeezed his palm in return and he didn't say a word afterward.

"I think it is time you tell your mum what you have always told me was your biggest wish," he says out loud and my heart starts to beat as my wish was not just a wish but a top-secret of mine.

"Please I don't want to talk about it," I said out loud and Ronald laughed a bit.

"Oh... I see she wishes I would never stop buying her eye potions so she'd see one day" the Luna says sitting at my right-hand side.

She hugs me and tears follow as I feel it over my shoulders.

My illness has made such a hardworking luna cry for so long.

"I'm sorry I let a thief steal such a priceless potion." she says, holding me tightly to herself.

"Mum!" I said annoyed... Actually, I'm tired of the fact that my illness has been making her sad and has destabilized her badly. I feel guilty of it as well, but I hope she gets better soon.

"You lost Ella's eye potions?" Ronald asked and the next thing that was happening was out of my sight while all i heard were body movementys.

"Thank you so much, Ronald, you have been of serious help to me and Ella, may the Moon Goddess bless you," my mum says crying badly.

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