Chapter 08

-Ronalds POV-

I have always loved Ella like my sister but since I learned what it means to be a rogue I started avoiding her lately.

We simply can't be.

She's an Alpha's daughter and I am just a rogue unworthy of her bloody royalty.

I was growing older, with beards, a height that made me look down on people not for the reason that they were irrelevant but for the reason that I was actually tall.

I started dating when I was fourteen because I did not know that I was supposed to wait till I was eighteen.

My teen hormones just kept pushing me to do irresponsible things with girls.

Ella has always been an amazing person to talk to even though she was visually impaired… I could not help but notice other amazing things about her.

She was a light chocolate stunning beauty that was hidden in the house by her mum due to her condition for her own protection.

The luna was strict on me bringing my other friends along with me to see her and once I understood why her mum started pushing me away, I burnt all the leeches off.

On the other hand, Ella was something else, the werewolf superiors approved home teaching for her and I could not be more impressed with her outstanding results.

She was surely too intelligent and spent all her free time reading educational audiobooks which turned her into the genius that she is now, although I suspect she likes me.

And strange.

There was a time I tried sneaking up on her but she called me right before I even started.

That did not happen once but every time I tried to scare her which all failed.

She was a perfect woman to me and I could not ignore the likeness I was beginning to like about her body.

Even her voice was precious to me and I tried my best to make her know that she is a special person to me.

The pack general once followed my car to know where I usually go in the evening and on discovering where I was, he was furious about me being a friend to the luna's blind heir.

But what he failed to remember about Ella is that she was the same person that he once used to call beautiful and was the best friend of her father, Johnson. 

The deadly Alpha.

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