The Hunter met the She-wolf

Chapter two 

Amir mourned for the death of his Queen Cena. He's carrying the Alpha King's daughter. The child is a girl, a werewolf girl.

He keeps on howling to tell the King and his packs of their exact location.

" My King, it's a Luna, just like her mother" Amir link his mind to Lucian. 

" What about Cena,my wife? How's she?" He asked him. 

"She's dead!" Amir didn't want to scared the King but he had no other option. 

Lucian just howled. He ducked his head and his tail. He's in a wolf form. They're traveling to their location with his remaining packs. They all mourned to the Queen's death. 

They ran, racing with each other while finding for their new territory. The Canary Kingdom was taken by the Rogues ( the black wolves). Lucian's packs, the Canids, grey in color, most of them got killed during the invasion while he was outside his Kingdom. 

Amir heard scratches and noises of footsteps from afar. He took the child and put her in his arms. It's too dangerous to bring the child with him so he hid the baby inside the cave. The baby cried for milk but her mother was already dead. He left the child and ran back to the forest.

While he's walking quietly, Amir pulled back, watching the Rogues in their attacking position. His ears spread out and moved like he's waiting for the best timing to do the first move. Their eyes turned to red just like them and their canines were visibled while their tail wiggled as if they're communicating to each other.

Three of the rogues pounced on him and the other one bit him on his neck which cause him to slow down. Crimson of blood begun dripping on his grey fur. Amir, shifted back to his human form. His wound was deep and he's gasping for air for survival. He tried to connect with his King Lucian but he suddenly stop breathing. The pack of rogues left him carelessly.

The child who was being hidded inside the cave waiting for a new family. Could she survive the coldness of winter? Could she survived the wild animals in the forest? 

She stop crying when a giant green snake came towards her. The snake eyes glowed in the darkness, studying it's little prey. It's crawling and sorrounding the child and it lean to her closely. The snake stretch its jaws widely to opened his mouth, preparing to swallow the prey lying in front of its fiesty eyes.

It slows down and closed its deadly jaws. " Lirah! Stop it!" a middle-aged man called out his snake friend to stay away from the little girl. 

Victor, one of the bravest Hunter in the town of Ragnarok, who tamed the giant snake Lirah, walked inside the cave where a she-wolf was lying on the piles of dead leaves and muddy ground. 

He held the child in his arms. A smile drawn on his tiring face. It's as bright as the sunlight above the clear blue sky. 

Victor and Marie were married for almost ten years but they never blessed to have a baby. It's seems like Apollo heard their prayers. Victor quickly took the child out from the cave and brought her to their house.

" My wife, I found a child, she's a girl!" He hurriedly go inside their Nipa hut house. Marie was busy on stitching Victor's torn pants he always used while he's outside for a wild haunt. Sometimes, he went home with a broken leg, bruise skin and crippled arms. It's the life of a hunter, your life was always in danger. It's like you're fighting with the dead. Wild Beasty animals especially the wolves was his greatest enemies. He raised to be a wild hunter like his late father Jacob. His father got killed by a black wolves in the forest while saving him from the hungry packs and they succeeded.

Marie set aside what she's doing and quickly  took up the baby on her arms. She caressed her small fingers into the baby's face. " What a beautiful girl! Today, we'll call you Yennifer!" She said and kissed the baby's forehead. 


The princess of the Canids was now in the hands of two happy couple with no child. They treated and raised the She-wolf as their own blood. They treated her as their own daughter. The people in town questioned them about her existence and they all laughed at them. Some were throwing rocks on Marie's head when she's buying their foods and tools in the market. The people in Ragnarok town were mean and cruel. Sometimes she brought the baby and they call her the plague of the town.

Marie kept the baby behind her dress. Yennifer, who was already eleven, knew what's bad and wrong. She just stared at them but she had a grudge inside her heart. She raised her to become good and caring so whatever they do to her mom, she just keep her anger to herself. At her young age, she thought of killing someone. She keep it to her parents. Yennifer didn't want to scare them besides her father Victor was always there to protect them from any harm of the mountain.

" Let's go home now my child. Don't be afraid I'm here to protect you!" She said and they lead the way back to their home.


Canids pack 

Lucian heard Amir's howl and he knew that they're not too far from their location. 

With his remaining packs, Lucian searched his new born daughter, his dead wife Cena and his Beta, Amir.

They heard the rumbling sounds of a thunder in the sky. The heaven was also dealing how to end the fights between Zeus and Hera. Because he's the more powerful of all God's, he could do anything even visiting a mortal women and impregnated them.

They rest for a while, cleaned their fur in the river and took a sip of a running water to aid their thirst. 

As the Alpha King, it's his duty to protect his territory and packs but he failed them. He's mourning for the death of his warriors, the Zeta and most of them got killed during the war. The savage intruder must pay for the extinction of their clans. Lucian heard that their was a place nearby, composed of Lycans. 

While looking for them, Lucian and his packs ran to find a place to hide. A huge storm was approaching. The strong vast of winds swoosh and a heavy droplets of rain showered them. They hated cold temperature because it's their weakness. 

" My King, help!" One of the werewolf shifted his body into a human form. He hold the tiny roots of a tree above him. He's at the edge of the cliff when his left foot slide on the muddy ground. 

Some of them did the same. Lucian shifted to his human form too to help his fellow werewolves but the strong winds keep on pushing them down and the cliff was too slippery to hold it any longer.

"Hold my hands all together!" Their Alpha shouted. But in one glimpse, he slip also on the ground and they all fall down on the splashing waters of high falls. 

" Ahhhhh..."

On the other side of the forest, there were the Lycans resided. Their territory was covered with huge tress and lots of cages for the Intruders.


" The King was dead!" One of the Lycans shouted from his brothers. 

" Let's help them!" The other one replied. " No! They're not like us!" The one with a bald hair answered. 

They all raised their heads to see the best Lycans, their King who ducked from the trees. 

They bowed to him. He's so cool in his black leather suit. " Save their King and his packs!" He commanded his packs. 

" At your service my King!" they all jumped on the rapid flowing of waters. 

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