Tha Campus Encounter

One week later

Yennifer pov

I leaped from my bed when my alarm started ringing. I stamped my palm to turned it off from my bedside table.

" Arghhhh! I'm late! " I covered my palm on my forehead. This is my first day at school. We just came here last week and I'm glad that I passed the entrance exam and I got into scholarship.

" Diana breakfast is ready!" My mom Marie called me from the kitchen.

" In a minute mom!" I said while all my stuffs were scattered in my bed and my uniform. I'm now making my way to the bathroom for a quick shower.

I had no time about singing while I'm taking a bath because I'm out of time. 

I had no idea what I did last night why I forgot to wake up early.

I just put a little make up and a touch of red lipstick on my lips.

I quickly took my bag from my bed and ran to the kitchen.

" Mom I had no time. Will you please save it later? Please!" I said while my hands do a prayer sign.

Mom took a sigh and nodded her head at me. " Take it and eat after the class okay!" She placed it on my hearted shape lunch box as if I'm still going to kindergarten.

I took her and kissed her goodbye on her forehead. " See you later mom and don't forget to tell Dad to take his medicine later okay!" I added.

Dad was still sleeping on their bedroom.

I took a taxi and the worst part of this transportation was a long traffic. " Not again!" I snapped my fingers due to exhaustion.

It's a thirty minutes traffic jam and when I arrived at the campus, I'm the only one who filled up the form from the registrar.

" Good morning ma'am! May I know my class schedule today?" I asked the registrar's head, Ara Mendez.

She was wearing a rounded black eyeglasses and she made her hair into a bun.She looked like an old maid but she's younger than her looks. She's only twenty five years old.

She hold her eyeglasses to looked at her face closely.

" What's your name please?" She asked me while her eyes was in the computer monitor.

I sat down on the empty chair near her desk. " I'm Yennifer Lorca ma'am!" I replied while my hands were busy drumming on my legs.

" A second, wait" she told me while impatiently typing on the computer keyboard. She found my name and she gave me my class schedule. She directly printed it to the coupon bond paper and gave it to me.

" Here, you have a class this morning and I guess you're already late miss " she added.

After getting my schedule, I smiled at her halfway through. " Yeah, you're right! Thanks madam!" I said and ran out from her office. 

I checked the time in my wrist watch and I'm already thirty minutes late. " Gosh! What will I do?" I mumbled as I walked through the intertwined hallway of the campus. While I'm heading in my first subject I accidentally bumped into someone's broad chest. 

My heart stopped when I set my eyes to the person in front of me right now. " Oh my! He's gorgeous!" I said to myself. 

I felt akward when his eyebrows crossed with each other and those eyes, his cold gazed made me shivered in fear. I thought he's going to stamped on me but when he broke his serious face into a smiley one, I felt relieved.

" I'm so sorry! I didn't saw you, I'm in a hurry! Excuse me" I said while ignoring his eye contact. I didn't wait for his answer. I passed by beside him but I felt a hands gripping my arms and pulling me closer to him. 

He looked pissed. " That's it! Sorry! I'll be happy if you tell me your name" he said and let go of my arms. 

I sighed. I closed my eyes trying to avoid eye contact with him. He's too pretty to be a guy. His manly scent made me drowned to my illusion that I'm cupping my hands on his face and  feel his lips with mine. 

I shook my head to let the dirty thoughts away from my sanity. " Fool me" I mumbled. He heard it I guess. 

" What? your name is fool me?" He laughed at me. I sharpened my eyes on him. " No! Okay, I'm Yennifer, may I go?" I said looking brave. He smirked and touched his lips with his hands.  So sexy. " Okay, see you then" he said and he left me alone. Everyone were watching at us. They whispered on each other ears. " Was my face dirty?" I said to myself. 

I hurriedly ran to my first subject. I was near the entrance of the classroom when I realized that he never told me his name. I'm a moron. I gave my name to someone I didn't even know. 

I took a deep breath while stepping inside the classroom. I cleared my throat to noticed me. " Good morning sir, hello classmates" I blurted out from my lips. They all laughed at me. I lowered my head. 

" What's your name student?" My teacher asked me. " Come here at the front" he said. I quickly walked to his desk. 

" Why are you late in your first day?" He added. I saw all my classmates looking at me like I made a biggest crime. 

" She's so naive!" I heard the one with a blonde hair talking back at me. I had no idea but I could hear whispers even it was ten meters away from me.

" I'm sorry sir, because of the traffic. I promise it will never happened again!" I said. Our professor accepted my excuse and he let me introduced myself to the whole class. 

" I'm Yennifer Lorca, a transferee. I hope I could get along with all of you here." They seemed like they're not listening to me. " okay go to your seat now!" 

I saw an empty chair beside the classroom window. I quietly set myself in my own desk. We finished our first lesson about the Incubus and Succubus myths. Since it's my first day here, I had no friends to talked with. 

It's recess time and everyone made their way to the canteen. I had my lunch box inside my bag. I took my bag from my own locker but I'm shocked to see an anonymous letter inside it. I took it and opened to read it. 

Pretty girl,

Let's have lunch together. I'm waiting! 

From anonymous guy

I crumpled the piece of paper in my hands. I had no time for this nonsense. Right now I'm busy with my studies. 

I remembered the guy I encountered last time in the roadway. I hope to not see him again. 

I went to the canteen when I saw a familiar face who was sitting at the corner with two girls in front of him. 

Those fierce eyes and muscular body made me forgot my name but to think of his jerky attitude made me cursed him to death. He's so lucky to have a car of his own and a house full of gold. 

I quietly find a place for myself when the guy I bumped earlier saw me. I covered my face with my books but when I took it out from my face he's already sitting in front of me. 

" Hey, are you hiding at me?" He asked me while his face was smirking. 

 I frowned and pouted my lips on him. " Are you following me?" I told him. I put my lunch box on the table and started to dig my own food. 

He lean his face near me and I moved my face away. " What are you doing!?!" I asked him.

He smiled at me. " Nothing. Did you received my letter? I told you that let's have lunch together" he insisted his invitation to me. I played as a hard to get girl today. 

" I admit that we had problems before but it's already over. Mr. Who you are, please just leave me alone please" I told him angrily. My stomach was already empty and I wanted to eat alone. 

He sarcastically laughed at me. I was about to stand up from my seat when a tall, dark and handsome guy appeared beside him. 

" Hey, bro she's my girlfriend! What's the matter?" He said. My eyes widened in surprise.

The arrogant guy turned around and he stood up to face him. " Oh, really, I see maybe I get the wrong girl! We'll see you then pretty!" He said and this familiar guy just about to punch him when I hold his hands. 

" Stop! You again?" I told him. He's the guy I fought in the roadway one week ago. 

He raised his brows. " You owe me again this time!" He said and left me again in my table. 

" Wait..." I called him but he's too fast. He's gone already. 

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