The Other side of the city


Lycans packs saw the horrible fall of Lucian on the waterfalls. All of them witnessed how some managed to survived from the pit of hell and some didn't make it through.

Lycans King Stark ordered his packs to gathered all the werewolves from the fall and took them to their what they called habitat. 

Lucian and Stark weren't close enough to help each other but Stark had a plan for saving them. He smirked. He's one of the savage, mean and ruthless among the Lycan Kings of all time since the first Alpha died. 

Some of them got taken to be punished and killed during the war. 

" Take them!" He ordered. He followed them from above.He loved jumping his legs on the tall trees and swinging his human-like arms on every branches of the said trees. 

" Awooooooo!!!" They stop and did the howling sounds under the bright full moon of their Moon Goddess. All the werewolves and rogues might heard them

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