Lirah snake meet Yennifer

Yennifer PoV

After our first class, I decided to stopped by to the school canteen. I feel thirsty so I go there to buy some drinks. I'm still thinking about our upcoming drama in our Literature subject. Why on earth our teacher decided to paired me with that arrogant and bratty Adoneram. Last day we became friends but not until this morning when he accidentally about to hit me with his car. 

So haughty. My mind were too clouded about him when Gerald suddenly blocked my way with his broad chest. I almost bumped against him again for the second time. 

" Hi! Yen" he cheerfully greeted me. Everytime our paths collided, there's always a warm feeling I felt inside my body. His manly smell of perfume, so strong and entrancing.

My mind was empty again when I'm with him. " Yennifer, are you sick?" I woke up from my daydream. I stunned when I heard his voice. " Oh, am nope, I'm okay" I'm stuttering. I looked up to s

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