Red Blood versus Canids packs

Kappa, Almira, and the rest of the packs are now heading the city for a battle ordered by their Alpha King. They left their three puffs to the Lycans villagers and only the soldiers followed for the attacks. 

The leader of the Zeta warriors Hathorn brought his packs zetas too. They consist of ten members and they have a very young soldier and her name was Robin. She's only ten when she first entered the group for hunting because of her strange senses that she could hear sounds or any small scratches even their prey or enemies were fifty kilometers away from them. 

"Robin, did you tell your father about the war?" Hathorn asked her while they're all running in the mountains. 

"Yes, sir. He knows it and he told me to be careful!" She replied with full of grace. 

Hathorn sneered and they continued running to the city. 

"Everyone, let's proceed to the Aloha hotel and attack the people there!" Kappa ordered his packs and they all

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