Victor and Marie Reunited

Marie POV

It's been days since I came back to the city but I was afraid if Victor will accept me again. I want to know what just happened when my own family bestowed me back to the human world. 

They look happy there and contented and I want to be with them but they told me that I did not belong there and I need to go back to my family on the mortals but I was confused as to why they don't want to let me join them? 

Freya was there and our sister Isabelle and they both laughing with each other. It was my first time again to see her smiling since she became an evil witch. I missed the old Freya and I saw her again. 

Mom and dad look delighted too with them. I wish I could join them so that we will be a happy family now. 

I clasp my eyes tightly as my face winced in pain. My head throbs so hard like someone was digging a hole inside it. I had no idea why this was happening to me. 

"Where am I?" I mumbled.

I slowly peel

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